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It's so difficult to find ways to study Romanian

I went to my local Barnes and Nobel's and NOT ONE book about Romanian. There were about 20 each for Spanish, French, Italian, German, Russian, Japanese, etc...but NOTHING on Romanian. It's such a shame honestly. I wanted to get a book. Netflix has languages that I have never heard of in my entire life, but not Romanian. After I learn Italian better (I'm upper A2 right now) I want to go to Romanian next...but I might end up going German honestly because there's so many resources for German. German was my choice after Romanian, and Romanian would be such a great language coming straight from Italian since it's almost like a more difficult version of Italian combined with Russian. But I might have to go German next becuse I don't know if I would be able to handle learning Romanian with such little resources. Italian is even a struggle because nobody I know in my area speaks Italian, so I have to learn from the internet and out of books...but at least I have multiple resources. With Romanian I would have pretty much nothing except Duolingo and few youtube channels.

How do you combat this? Im serious about the languages I choose to learn. I dabble sometimes on Duolingo with other languages, but the only one I'm serious about right now is Italian...like, I want to become '"fuent" (my definition of fluent...to be understood and understand more than 75% of cconversations and interactions). With Romanian I don't think this is possible.

December 3, 2017



It is difficult, I'd say if you have European friends ask them to look for books on Romanian. Since I am Intermediate to Advanced in French, I asked my friends in France. It is definitely not cheap but it works! Another thing you could do is try Amazon.

Here is one book that seems somewhat decent from Barns and Noble: https://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/complete-romanian-beginner-to-intermediate-course-dennis-deletant/1122054212?ean=9781444105599

Here are some other useful sources: https://dexonline.ro/ https://en.wikibooks.org/wiki/Romanian https://www.dictionarroman.ro/ http://www.101languages.net/romanian/ http://www.dprp.gov.ro/elearning/

There is also this youtube channel that teaches Romanian: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCzKrAcUGNwkSMOhLgNuQAwg She also wrote a book that you can check out but I think it's only available in the UK.


There are some resources for Romanian here and there, and it's getting better as time goes on.

readlang.com supports Romanian

babadum.com supports Romanian

The US Foreign Services Institute and the Peace Corp both have some Romanian material: https://www.livelingua.com/courses/Romanian/

There are a few free e-books available in Amazon's Kindle store in Romanian (children's stories at least).

There are plenty of lessons at memrise.com for Romanian vocabulary.


I get where you're coming from. I am a native Romanian speaker and I find my language difficult sometimes, after 23 years of practice. I know how frustrating it must be when you are a beginner or intermediate and are trying to improve. That is how I feel with Italian right now.

Back to the point, there are few resources online, but what I recommend is you finish the Duolingo tree, then try Clozemaster https://www.clozemaster.com (they have a few sentences in Romanian that you can practice and learn more).

After that, try buying some Romanian books. The cost of transportation can be high, but I recommend you do that. It helped me so much when learning English! Try reading a book that you have read in English, like Harry Potter for example. The translation is far from perfect, but it gives you the chance of learning more vocabulary and Use of Romanian.

While reading books and writing is good, the best is exposure to the language. I recommend you use an online radio app or a program on your PC to listen to Radio Romania Actualitati for example. They have a mostly news broadcast. Have it running in the background at home and you will find it becomes a lot easier after an exposure time of 1-3 months, depending on your native language learning abilities.

Hope this helps! For more info, contact me at mikerowen13@gmail.com.

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    What I do for language exposure is listen to audio books on YT, there ar e plenty of them.


    Native speaker here. I've made a comprehensive list of resources (music, youtube channels, stand-up and podcasts) that you could listen to in order to better immerse yourself in the romanian language and culture. http://www.branda.ro/learn-romanian-romanian-language-immersion-resources/


    I know what you mean. I try to listen to the Radio Romania app (got it free from The App store)- some broadcasts, like the news, are not that hard to understand. Good luck!


    If you need exposure to the Romanian language, I can suggest my podcast called "Lorem Ipsum în Color", :) (It's 2 people talking for 40 minutes about various fun topics.

    SoundCloud- https://soundcloud.com/lrincolor YouTube - https://bit.ly/2VFnMWN


    Depending on where you live...go to Romania! I understand what you mean...I started Romanian but I also decided to try German after level 7...None of them is really easy, but I found German offers more resources even online... Good luck!


    It’s very frustrating. Pimsleur has a very good beginners course that got me through a couple of trips with great frustration… they stop at the beginner level. Duolingo’s lessons built on it so much that I managed to participate in discussions and understood what was being discussed as often as not (I was only about halfway through the course then).

    Beyond that… not much is available. Some universities might teach it. There are a few books you can find online. The resources are seriously scant.

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