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"Godless" and "Alias Grace" two good mini-series with German Audio & English Subtitles

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Hallo Leute, have you caught the new Netflix original series Godless? It is dubbed in German and really well done. You can put English subtitles on and audio in German. I watched the entire series in German audio and it didn't seem like a dubbed movie. The series gets better as it goes along. I was impressed. I was sad when the series ended.

Another original mini-series on Netflix that was very good and you can watch with German audio and English subtitles is Alias Grace. It is a good story, with a surprise ending. The German dubbing was very easy to listen to and after awhile I found that I wasn't even reading the English subtitles.

These are available on Netflix in the States, not sure where else it is playing. If you can get them you won't be disappointed. I should add perhaps that these have adult themes, I wouldn't recommend these for pre-teens or immature teens.

December 3, 2017



I started watching Dark and turned on the English soundtrack and subtitles. I was shocked - they don't match! It looks as if they gave 2 teams of translators the job of translating for the dubbers and the closed captioning department.

Usually the captioning for anything on Netflix is spot on, so this totally blew me away. On regular network broadcasting in the States, there will be a mistake once in a while, but usually they follow the spoken dialogue exactly.

What I would love to see on Netflix - more German comedies. I know it's rather low-brow, but I'd love to catch Bruder vor Luder on Netflix.


The German subtitles follow very closely the German soundtrack, unlike in Godless.

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Yeah, it is disappointing when the subtitles and/or audio are disharmonious or downright inaccurate.


I watched a little bit of Godless in German and found in many cases that the German subtitles do not correspond to the spoken words at all. If you watch it you are probably better off with English subtitles, but I have not tried that yet..

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gmbla, I'd be interested in what you think about how the English subtitles are; wenn Deutsch deine Muttersprache ist. Ist Deutsch deine Muttersprache? Like I said before, it is not going to be word for word translation.

I just looked and saw that Dark does indeed have German CC (closed captioning) which is a bit different than plain subtitles. When I get time I will check it out.

Bis später, Susan

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