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Chinese translations too rigid

I am finding the translations from Chinese to English inflexible. There are not enough choices of answers. Our job as students should not be to guess which translation the author has in mind, but to offer a skillful translation which is only one of many skillful translations. Thank you.

December 3, 2017



The course is still in beta, so whenever this comes up, consider submitting a report so the course contributors can improve it over time.


Also, a lot of the preferred translations are not the most literal. This makes it a real guessing game what translation they will accept.


Yes. Just started using this around 10 minutes ago and I've gotten multiple questions wrong because of the rigid answers. I've submitted reports and hopefully a wider variety of responses will be possible.

Is this really the best way to go about it though? Free response is great and all but will nitpick on every detail, and when you're translating into English, there's so many ways you can write it.


It's 2020. The translations are still way too rigid.

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