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Typical level after finishing a tree?

What is the typical level range? Does it get close to 25 when you finish a tree? I have yet to finish any tree myself. Thanks.

Edit. So yeah, by tree I meant the whole language course from top to bottom finishing all its skills and lessons.

December 3, 2017


[deactivated user]

    I am level 11 in Dutch with 7 skills to go. I I would say 10-15 depending on the language


    This was very helpful. Cheers!


    The level varies. Duo Lingo seems to give you points just for logging on. I'm on Level 23 but it took me years to get there. That's my own fault for being in too much of a hurry. I finished my tree before I even knew what it was. I think the best way t o approach learning Spanish is is to take your time and enjoy the lessons. Then speak to Spanish speakers every chance you get. Good Luck!


    I finished my tree before I even knew what it was

    Sorry, can't stop laughing and rolling on my floor! :-) :-)

    Yeah, I know what you mean!


    I dunno. I still have 10 or so skills to go on mine, because I took a break and when I came back I spent some time going over all the old lessons and toying with reviews before moving on. Some days when I'm busy all I do is review because I know I won't remember new lessons. The more reviews you do/slower you take the tree, the higher level you'll be when you finish it. Just go your pace and use your own judgement if you're actually learning or not :)


    I finished my tree at level 22 or 23, I think.


    Same here. I review a lot as I work my way through a tree. I'm at level 15 in "French for Spanish speakers" and I'm almost to the third checkpoint. I still have 35 skills left.


    Depends on the course, but generally between 11 and 14.


    About....11 level.


    About end of level 16 to 17, if you do not rush through your tree, if you ask me (depends on language complexity, how long a tree is, e.g Norwegian, German, Portuguese, etc.).

    The longer (over 400 lessons) EN-PT Portuguese tree took me about ~1 year.
    Not all my skills were gold as I finished it.
    I try to catch-up and strengthen (and for other skills like "grammar skills" I have almost given up as the algorithm requires me to strengthen those many many times, even I did 3-4 skills before at least two or three times).

    If someone does 150-250XP/day and strengthens every single non-golden skill BEFORE moving on with a NEW skill, then you might end in a much higher level than 16/17!

    Please note:
    My Duo tree does N O T reflect, that I strongly focused on Memrise to daily review 1806 words for my course.
    Therefore I did NOT review all the "vocabulary skills" on DuoLingo over and over again....just randomly, how I like it or how the user script "DuoLingo skill strength viewer" suggested me.

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