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Hi. I've been learning Spanish and Portuguese online in Duolingo. So far, I am level 9 in each and progressing. Especially Spanish. I also tried Catalan from Spanish, in which I am level 2. I've got a question: Is there any chance/possibility of having Galego (Galician language) course in Duolingo? I assume, linguistically it shouldn't be a major problem as the language is pretty much in between: Portuguese and Castellano (Spanish). The only problem might be that the language is in very little use compared to the 2. I have some access to some publications in Galician and tried to learn the language on my own (with help of Spanish and Portuguese). I realize that "Galician from English" could be hard to organize. However, "Galician from Spanish" (as in the case of Catalan) might be much more possible and would be appreciated. Thanks in advance!

December 3, 2017


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