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  5. "자동차 경주"

"자동차 경주"

Translation:Car race

December 3, 2017



自動車 競走

[deactivated user]

    we say "motor racing" in the uk - no one would ever say "car race"


    Here in the US we do say "NASCAR race"... Hahaha. But yeah, I think typically here just 'race' is used and it's implied that it's a car race unless otherwise specified (like motorcycles, go karts, drag racing, etc.).


    The purpose of learning a language is to accurately communicate with other people. Assuming that other people think the same as oneself frquently leads to miscommunication. For example, in talking to one group of people a "race" could be referring to a "horse race" while to another person or group in another geographic location it could be a "stock car race", a "drag race" (auto - not drag queens), or a bicycle race, etc. The point is --avoid being misunderstood by being specific about what you are attempting to communicate.


    Okay thats.... what?

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