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Wouldn't it be nice if duolingo showed the percentage you got in the lesson and skill.

Personally, I think 1/5, 2/5 etc. is great but if they wanted to be accurate right after you finish the lesson it will show you the percentage you got for example 88% out of 100%. I think users will be more happy if Duolingo adds this update. It will help people level up more accurately. And people will like it and even more users will come and this update will especially come in handy if you're moving to a different country with a language on Duolingo. Comment down below, who thinks this should be added because personally I live in Dubai, United Arab Emirates and I'm waiting for Arabic and if this update will happen it can help the community a lot.

December 3, 2017



What makes you think people would be happier? I wouldn’t like it.

We would just get lots of irrelevant post of people asking why did I get 88% when yesterday when I answered exactly the same I got 89%.

The current system is based on the strength of individual words and is not based on how many questions you got correct.


psionpete. What I mean is that it would be a more educational way of learning and based on how many questions in the lesson or skill they can grade more accurately so you can get better at the language. I understand that everyone has their own opinions.


Personally, I don't think I would change anything. Whether it's 2/5 or 40% percent, it's the same. Also, the problem with what you said here is that not every platform has the same number of sentences in an exercise. So, on the web platform, I can do 7 sentences and the same lesson on my android has 17 sentences. So, how would you count that?


dsjanta, I just followed you because you actually know a decent amount of Esperanto, so I can honor you or something, I dunno.

Also, I think I wouldn't really want it because with larger numbers to go, people would think that they were farther off than if they got 3/5 or 4/5, and they would be more likely to give up and quit.


The real point of my idea is that it will grade people more accurately and people can know their precise level in the language.


We're not going to know our "precise level" in the language by anything Duolingo does. For one thing, it has no way of measuring what work you're doing with other resources. For another, the system can't tell the difference between a bad typist and someone who hasn't a clue what they're doing. And Duolingo is just not that precise itself. (Look at all the commentary about the fluency percentage, which is generally agreed to be meaningless.)


I think 1/5 or anything with a fractions base is a psychologically motivating system and that users will feel more motivated to complete a task if they only have 4/5 istead of 80% or such as this makes people think they have to reach another 20%. In terms of sharing progress or collecting data to see what you need improving in, a percentage base seems logical but I think it's not entirely necessary since if you have trouble in a topic e.g. food, you may exclaim to others that 'food in general' is not your strength, hence, needing help to improve vice versa if you feel confident and skim through the skills.


Just want to add that I love your sharing of ideas and it's nice that it is promoting extremely interesting discussion! :)


Thanks for the feedback. It really helps.


I'm not sure what you mean by "It will help people level up more accurately." Leveling up is based solely on xp earned. Xp earned is directly related to accuracy only when people do timed practice.

Frankly, the most important feedback related to accuracy is the marking of an error and the example (or an example) of what the sentence should have looked like. If I have that info, I can work on correcting my mistakes, without worrying about exact percentages.


What I mean is that it would help people get better


For me this would be quite useful actually, as I would be able to set smaller targets for keeping all my skills at a particular strength level, e.g. 70%, then 80% etc.

But someone has already pointed out that from a didactic/motivational point of view, it might be discouraging to see 10% instead of 1/5, so I doubt they would ever add it.


For reasons of my own I often look at the review panel after finishing a lesson and count up how many questions I got right or wrong (or how many Duolingo was missing valid translations for...) Amounts to pretty much the same thing for those who really want to know.


I think that this would be an exceptional addition to Duolingo's language learning acquisition and efficiency.


I know right, it could be one of the best Duolingo updates of all time.


Hi all,

try the user script "DuoLingo skill strength viewer".


What do you exactly mean by that?

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