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Do Korean next

March 16, 2013



Yes please, Korean would be great!! I second what was said about how easy it is to learn the alphabet, so that shouldn't really be a concern.


Korean could work well in medium term, the writing is relatively simple and demand is probably high enough these days.


The Korean alphabet is only 28 letters (it is phonetic). I'm not exaggerating to say that it only takes 2 days to learn the writing. However, it would take 2 years to learn the grammar :-o


Yes please I love Korean!!!


i like the way this system teaches languages and would be willing to pay for Korean and Japanese!


I have been studying korean since 2012, I would really like to see Korean been tought by others however Talk to me in Korean is also a good alternative. but I would like my korean friends to learn english too, so we should defo put this language up. Korean for English speakers, English for Korean speakers.

저는 한국어를 할 수 있어요 , 그리고 국악이 사랑해요




Yes, i have been wanting to learn so bad

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Prepare for lots of thumbs down.


Well not North Korean


But its basically Hagul but its like dialects, North Korean hangul is similar to South Korean hangul but there are differences.


Not enough to really make a significant difference. They have different orders for Hangul in a dictionary and they use two or three old fashioned letters that South Korea abandoned a long time ago for convenience sake. Their accent in the North is rather rigid and somewhat more nasal I think. But the difference is the same as that of a New York and Texas accent in English. For the most part it's the exact same language.


Remember, Duolingo is a business that needs to make money. Language selection is driven by economic demand, not by the preferences or desires of people wanting free instruction in a given language. Languages in non-ABC alphabets are much more difficult to teach -- and see the frustration many have here with accents -- and there is likely little demand (as in people willing to pay $$$) for some of the languages people have requested, like Latin, Biblical Greek, Hebrew, specific dialects of Spanish, several others, and, probably, Korean.


Language difficulties aside, I would imagine there to be a high demand for Asian languages such as Japanese and Korean .... there is a significant cultural overlap between them and the US and I personally do a lot of business with Korean folks, there is a large population of them (in major US cities anyway)


Korean would work really well in Duolingo, i hope they will make it. Please..?:D


I want it so bad! It's hard to find good websites that teach korean


YEAH! let's do Korean! The way Duolingo teaches courses, would be so fun for Korean!!!!

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