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Other ways to learn the language.

Hello, so I know watching a movie in the language you're learning helps you learn, but the problem is you can't have dual subtitles in Netflix so that doesn't really help much. However, I wanted to ask if anyone knows different methods to learn a new language. I'm learning German in Dulingo, listening German music, and watching German films. Is there anything else i can be doing?

December 3, 2017



Hi, you could try to read some texts in German. Here is a website where you find several stories and so on for German learners: http://www.deutschalsfremdsprache.ch/index.php?actualid=5057&which_set=101


stop thinking in English and only try and Think in German, try and meet German natives online so they can correct you, other then that its just memorizing which takes time


I love a series of youtube videos called EasyGerman. They are intermediate level interviews on the streets using common language. For beginners, they also have SuperEasyGerman, where they speak very slowly and are always subtitled. They also have a Memrise class for practicing the words that were in the interviews. If you haven't checked out Memrise, there is tons of German vocabulary content available for free.


I've been watching youtube videos by donttrusttherabbit and wantedadventure which give a comedic approach to common problems speaking the language as well as a few fun things about the culture. (a warning though, wantedadventure is so happy she gets a little bit much after a while). also reading kids books in german, you can find a bunch for free online, helps me a lot. I didn't realise how much I knew until I tried reading them!


Memrise and Lingvist are great sites to practice vocabulary, sentence structure and other parts of the language. No spoken language though.

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