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  5. "un decimetru, doi decimetri"

"un decimetru, doi decimetri"

Translation:one decimeter, two decimeters

December 3, 2017



And two decimeters is aproximately one chain in imperial measurement, but it is a rarely stated fact because noboby every measures in decimeters or chains only meters and yards. Now in Romania do people actually use decimeters??


Oh look at me I just confused decimeters with decameters. Probably because these are such obsure terms easily confused with one another. But hey decameters is introduced in this section too. Again i question, I would think there are 10,000 other Romanian words in more common use than decameter and decimeter. Maybe I am wrong? Does anywhere in the world actually use the easily confused decimeter and decameter.


I don't know about Romanians, but any French child knows what a decimeter is. The "double décimètre" is a very useful ruler found in every pupil's bag.


Yes I can remember what a chain is because it's the length of a cricket pitch.


Ive never heard of this word!!

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