"un decimetru, doi decimetri"

Translation:one decimeter, two decimeters

December 3, 2017

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And two decimeters is aproximately one chain in imperial measurement, but it is a rarely stated fact because noboby every measures in decimeters or chains only meters and yards. Now in Romania do people actually use decimeters??


Oh look at me I just confused decimeters with decameters. Probably because these are such obsure terms easily confused with one another. But hey decameters is introduced in this section too. Again i question, I would think there are 10,000 other Romanian words in more common use than decameter and decimeter. Maybe I am wrong? Does anywhere in the world actually use the easily confused decimeter and decameter.


I don't know about Romanians, but any French child knows what a decimeter is. The "double décimètre" is a very useful ruler found in every pupil's bag.


Yes I can remember what a chain is because it's the length of a cricket pitch.


Ive never heard of this word!!


Outside of the US, yes these terms are used. In fact, in France decilitre is as common as millilitre, and even more so for drinks. If you order wine at a restaurant, you’ll order by the decilitre.


In the UK they don't use decilitre much, 90% of time use millilitres, 10% centilitres, this is a generalisation though...


Ive never hearf of a decimeter and ive been around for 48 years


This is called "double decimètre" in French:
I wonder how it's named in other countries.

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