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" potřebujeme novou pohovku!"

Translation:We need a new sofa already!

December 3, 2017



"Already we need a new sofa" was rejected. That seems wrong.


how can we know here thta už means "already" and not "no longer." like we no longer need a new sofa (because we got one, or because we're being evicted, etc.)


used with a negative verb gives us "no longer / not any more."


I also wrote "Already we need a new sofa" and it was rejected. Why?


That is a non-standard placement of "already," and it is not accepted.


There is nothing non-standard about that placement of "already"


The Cambridge Dictionary indicates that already is "usually" placed in the mid position; OR is placed "at the end of sentence for greater emphasis..."; OR is placed "less often... before the subject," which is "usually more formal." It goes on to say that, "We don’t often put already in front position in informal speaking."

I would suggest that this sentence qualifies as "informal speaking."

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