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Inquiry about subscriptions

Hello! My name is Andreea and I am Romanian. I've been using Duolingo to learn French as a beginner, and I am very satisfied with it. I would like to make a one year subscription. However, I have a few questions. I am moving to France and I will live there at a monastery, where I won't be able to connect to the Internet very often. Maybe once every two weeks or once a month. If I make a subscription, will I be able to download the lessons? Is there a limit to the number of lessons I may download at a time? For instance, could I download all the lessons for the beginner or for the intermediate level at once? I am a fast learner and I plan to study about 2 to 4 hours a day, so I need plenty of offline materials. Also, when I subscribe, will I be able to use the offline materials only on my mobile, or on the laptop as well? Thank you, Andreea

December 3, 2017



Only on mobile. I don't know of any limits. You download one lesson at a time - and can only practice by lesson. So it's not full functionality. Also, generally I find the sync (after getting online again) very unreliable. And the stakes will be higher the longer you are offline.

To be quite honest, you might be better off with Memrise - you can just download the entire course in one go. Plus the sync'ing of progress is way more reliable. Note: some features like videos and bots may only be available when online, but basic stuff is available offline.

PS: Either way (Duolingo or Memrise) you won't be able to maintain a streak without going on daily. Just mentioning.


Hi Andreea,

you have choosen the wrong sub-forum (French).

We can surely link you several threads, but the basic summary at the moment would be:

  • The DuoLingo app was initially designed to be used online (there is a FREE 10 lessons "offline cache mode" (for new unlocked skills) across 1-2 skills, partly working, so you might do a few lessons offline, but re-connect to the Internet AS SOON AS POSSIBLE.

This is elementary to work with tree sync's (next skills, finished offline lessons/skills, XP and streak syncronization with the DuoLingo online server).

  • The Plus feature is a first (basic) step - after the "offline cache lesson mode" of some mobile app code re-engineering, but it seems not already to the point, that you can use the app as any other 100% true offline / standalone applications.

  • If you download lessons to do/re-do lessons for skills, you need to be VERY CAREFUL how you do.
    Personally, I would not 1000%, even 100%, trust it.
    And no, I definitely would NOT USE DuoLingo offline material once downloaded for 2-4 hours per day.
    If the mobile app crashes or does not start anymore, you can NOT sync your finished work back to the DuoLingo online server! The offline lesson data might be corrupted and you might have to delete it to get the app starting again!

  • Yes, there are (were) limitations of DuoLingo Plus, e.g on the Android app.
    3+2 / 2+3 skills for Plus download of unlocked (coloured) or grey (locked) skills (this is what was displayed to me!)

  • You can download many more finished / completed skills manually, skill by skill (you need to open each!!) and you might also be able to re-do lessons in them.

  • There is no big single "Download material offline" button, like Memrise has it for their Pro subscription.

  • Probably the strengthen skill button is not working for offline skills - you need to test this your for yourself (I can not test for myself, but that is what was told on the forum AFAIK).

There are multiple Plus/offline issue threads....so as someone who understands IT/EDV business and being a developer myself (I have nothing to do with the DuoLingo company!) I would NOT USE the apps in the way like you intend to use them.

DuoLingo staff is surely already aware, that their new Plus feature might not be quite "bulletproof" and has some issues...
..................so YES, for the next ~6+ months more code improvements need to be done (and I am sure they will constantly try to improve it; the 1st step is here).

  • Completing Duo OFFLINE skills/lessons is IMHO a (very) temporary thing!!
    I would not sleep well with all the (lesson and tree data + offline words/sentences) data stored only on a Smartphone, which you CAN NOT backup or restore well (I failed with older Android app versions and the "10 lessons offline cache mode" before!!!).

My advice (English correction for the wrong "Advise"):

  • Try to re-locate to some other part of France, where you can have almost daily, or better DAILY (streak sync!!!) a very reliable Internet connection!!

  • With daily Internet you can use the DuoLingo online web portal www.duolingo.com.

  • The web portal is a much better learning style than to use the mobile app tapping.

  • Tapping ALONE, won't bring you to anywhere!

  • Also there are quite useful user scripts (Tampermonkey) available, which you can only install in a browser for the web on a computer, not an IOS or Android app!

So now I am really curious who tells you something very different, and that "DuoLingo Plus" already exactly provides what you are searching for:

  • 2-4h / day offline material (stable app, stable code, stable re-sync code incl. all "out of boundary conditions)
  • staying at least one week, better one month offline with no re-sync

The truth may be hard....

Du musst aber vielleicht nicht wirklich in die absolute Hinterland Pampa nach Frankreich gehen, obwohl Du gerne DuoLingo verwenden möchtest???

Viele Grüße / Best regards



For instance, could I download all the lessons for the beginner or for the intermediate level at once

Learning French on DuoLingo (level 11 XPs) you should have already found out that there are no beginner vs intermediate level materials.

It is the SAME tree, for everyone; you can not define the content to a previously selected/choosen level, make the sentences shorter or longer, easier or more difficult vocabulary.

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