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  5. 心臓に (shinzou ni) in a sentence


心臓に (shinzou ni) in a sentence

I was playing a video game with Japanese voice acting and one of them said "分かった、心臓に行きましょう" and I was wondering that how would you translate that? I know that 心臓 is heart but like in that context would it be something like "let's carefully move on" or..?

December 3, 2017



No, it means, "OK, let's go to the heart!"


Are you sure you were hearing it right? Were you reading Japanese subtitles or just listening? 心臓 means 'heart' only as an internal organ. Unless they were inside a giant beast or aiming to puncture someone's heart this wouldn't work. It doesn't translate to 'heart' as in 'central area'.

I have a feeling they said 慎重(しんちょう)に行きましょう which would mean 'Let's go carefully'.


Oh you are right! I misheard the word in it, thank you for correcting it


Glad to be of help.

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