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Favorite Languages? (On Duolingo)

Hello, everyone! I'm an organized person, and so I enjoy mapping out what I'll be doing in the future. In this case, I would like to know what all of your favorite languages are, and I would like it if you would be so kind as to give me a few recommendations.

I would like something that is pretty easy to learn, but presents a bit of a challenge for native American English speakers. I would also like something that sounds beautiful.

I would enjoy hearing your favorite languages so I might learn them when I get a bit better at learning languages! Thanks in advance.

December 3, 2017



I would suggest German, but also I highly recommend waiting until you reach a higher level, like level 9, to start another language if Duolingo is the only resource you are using to learn it.


Yes, I'm thinking about it for the future. (Not the near future) Also, once I finish my Duolingo tree, I'll possibly using other programs as well.


I think you would like Brazilian Portuguese. It's about as easy as French, and it sounds very pretty, so I think it fulfills all your requirements :)


Thank you for the recommendation!


I agree, Woof. I also love Italian, as I feel like people are singing to me every time they speak. :-)


Interesting. My opinion of French is that it is significantly harder than all other romance languages!


I suggest Russian. As for why, view my response to this thread.


I love a lot of languages ^^ I have more planned for the future. I think it all depends on what you consider "something that sounds beautiful". Beauty is in the eye (or in this case ear) of the beholder. I think you should look up some countries, research their history, culture, music and learn the language of the one you find the most interesting. I find that the countries I want to learn more about gives me more motivation to learn the language so I can go find out for myself. I don't think you should judge it based on how easy it is or not.


I wanted it to be easy to learn because I'm pretty new to language learning, and I want to take it one step at a time.


I mean it's all up to you but in all honesty, the first language I ever started learning was Japanese which is renown for not being easy but to me I understood it and adored it. I didn't find it hard at all. I did a total of 4 years of it in high school.


I really like french!!! I know it's like the only language I'm learning, but I've tried the other ones and their not as good.


I also suggest German. A lot of English and German are similar.


Russian from English.Every skill have really good explication and it is very good tree.

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