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  5. "주스를 마시는 여자아이가 귀엽습니다."

"주스를 마시는 여자아이가 귀엽습니다."

Translation:The girl drinking juice is cute.

December 3, 2017



A lesson ago writing "the book reading student is my friend" was correct, but now writing "the juice drinking girl is cute" isn't correct? Getting a little pissed off. :)


"The juice-drinking girl is cute." is now accepted.


If I had to guess, there is a bit of a indecision about which is more acceptable in English.

I can understand that position myself. Some words make more sense as prepositioned adjectives, others make more sense after. It's hard to be consistent when some of these start to sound less acceptable.

For me "The book reading student" and "The juice drinking girl" both sound a bit like a stretch and would prefer both to be "The X VERBing Y".

Consider also, that it is quite difficult to measure how much to change the acceptable translation from the transliteration. Change it too much and it will be hard for learners to understand what is going on in the sentence.

Happy learning!


That really threw me off. It's the same thing


Why could it not be "the cute girl is drinking juice"?


That would be 귀여운 여자아이가 주스를 마십니다.


Being cute is the main verb in the exercise, drinking describes the girl. Your example phrase has the roles of the two verbs switched


'the girl who drinks juice is cute' why cannot be accepted though?


"The girl who drinks juice is cute." is now accepted.


The juice drinking girl is cute?


You should see her!


"Juice drinking girl" gives the clue to identify her in a group. She is identified by a fact in the action description placed before 여자아이가:

주스를 마시는 ( juice drinking) 여자아이가 ( girl)

........ And after identifying her: "여자아이가 귀엽습니다." is the statement about the girl's cuteness. Cuteness is an opinion to give about the girl who is drinking

........ Whole Sentence 주스를 마시는 여자아이가 귀엽습니다. The juice drinking girl is cute. ...


Why can't I write "The cute girl is drinking juice?"


But that is what is being said


That's answered in another comment. Drinking juice is the adjective is the sentence, and you're using it as the verb. The sentence isn't trying to say that someone is drinking juice, it's trying to say someone is cute.


Okay I thought "를" specified the object that the verb acts on, but in this case the verb acting on it is "마시는" instead of "귀엽습니다". Is that just implied? What if I wanted to say "The girl drinking juice is pouring milk." Would juice and milk both have "를"?


마시는 is a verbal modifier. This means that any object/subject attached to it must go before it, or in other words, anytime you see a subject or object, attach it to the first verb that follows as it must be part of that verb's clause


Ah thank you that makes sense, I got too used to things being able to be in any order haha


You're welcome! :)


I only added "a" before "juice" and it wasn't accepted, maybe it could be.. Thank you


juice drinking girl wasn't accepted :(


The girl drinking that juice is cute is supposed to be correct. My goodness duo


You added "that" in the wrong place


"The girl who is drinking juice is cute" is the right one


The girl reading this is cute

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