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Spanish-language Movie Suggestions

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Here are some movies I enjoyed in Spanish for those interested in looking some up. (None are for kids, by the way.)

Pan's Labrynth

The Devil's Backbone

Cold Sweat

Miss Bala





Women on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown

The Last Circus

Torremolinos 73

Cell 211

El Juego de la Verdad

Amores Perros

The Orphanage

Casa de Mi Padre

Phase 7

The Nameless

Juan of the Dead

Dracula (1931 Spanish version)

*Cell 211, The Devil's Backbone and Amores Perros are probably the very best on the list.

March 16, 2013



This website provides a very complete overview:


You can pick movies by country or by genre-related lists. They also have a top-100 list with movies from all spanish-speaking countries and from all decades and genres.

... I am going to watch Amores Perros again, after more than 10 years. This time in Spanish with Spanish subs.

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Great link, thank you.


I couldn't find Amores Perros en español. Amazon only has it en ingles y francia


I know. I am from Europe but even here it can be hard to find DVD versions with the original Spanish audio track (and/or subtitles if you like). The version offered on American Amazon has Spanish 5.1 audio btw (but no Spanish subs). If you are thinking of buying a DVD, sometimes looking on amazon.es instead of the American site might help.

Technically, it should be feasible to play a DVD on a computer and sync / overlay it with a community-provided subtitle, e.g. from subscene.com or opensubtitles.org. However, I do not know how easy that is.

We all know there are other ways as well ...

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That seems odd to me. I watched a DVD copy from my local library and it was in it's original Spanish with English subtitles as it's default. I've never had a hard time finding foreign movies in their original language anywhere except for some streaming movies on Netflix which are only available dubbed. Maybe it's because of your region?


OK, I will contact my local library and see if they have the movie. THANKS!


If you want to learn spanish watching movies try to watch hollywood movies dubbed to spanish. Seriously, in Spain we have very good dubbing and the spanish is totally neuter. From the grammar and pronuntiation point of view is the best for foreigners that want to learn the language. Then, if you want to learn slang (although they use some in the dubbed movies too), accents and mistakes that spanish speakers do you can go to real spanish movies. But as a school for learning, dubbed spanish is way better. (besides, most of spanish movies are crap).

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Really? I've really enjoyed watching most movies I've seen from Spain. Maybe I just haven't seen the bad ones yet.


Well, I agree that the dubbing is good.

I will not enter the discussion whether Spanish movies are good or not (It's just my opinion after all), but leaving that aside, many movies can show the culture, use and thus have an extra use for those engaged not only in learning the language, but the culture.


Good post!

I am somewhat unprepared, because I can't really write a proper list, but if I don't post this I probably won't post anything at all, so:

1st: http://www.filmaffinity.com/en/main.html. This a Spanish based community for cinema. It's sort of IMDB although way smaller and it really do not intend to compete, I believe.

This website can be turned into Spanish (much better and most of the reviews are in Spanish, both users and the description)

In the web browser you sill see http://www.filmaffinity.com/en/. This en can be swapped by es at any moment and you get the Spanish version of that film (if you click on the "español" while on a film web you're redirected to home)

Now, I can say there are some great Argentinian movies, which I do not really recall, but i'll post if it comes up and I guess most of the movies I'll drop here are Spanish, because I just took a quick look to my database. I recommend to read about it, because some are not even good. However I tend to find bad movies easy to understand... unless they are so bad your brain just switches off













http://www.filmaffinity.com/en/film888937.html (TV series apparently very popular in Finland nowdays ?)









There are also series, of course. I find that these can help a lot a learner as you learn from some of the characters. If somebody is interested I'll fetch some

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Muchas gracias.


I highly suggest "Sin Nombre", but it is pretty graphic.


That is one of my all time favorite spanish movies!


También la lluvia!!!! it's on netflix it's the best. I'm a film major spanish major so my absolute favorite thing to do is watch movies in spanish haha.

Besides También la lluvia....I also liked:

Sangre de mi sangre

Y tu mamá también

Motorcycle Diaries

La soga

La habitación del niño

El bola

A lot are super graphic and vulgar so watch out. Some of these movies I actually had to watch for my spanish classes. I've watched so many I can't remember them all, but I remember these being pretty good...


Y tu mama tambien rules!


La pelicula "No" (Pablo Larrain) me ha gustado mucho.


It's not a movie, but I really like watching The Simpsons in Spanish. You can find the episodes here http://www.lossimpsonsonline.com.ar/

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