"Maria dorește o cutie de ciocolată."

Translation:Mary wants a chocolate box.

December 3, 2017

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One of those exceptions where in English we would say 'box OF chocolates'


I do not understand the Romanian sentence. "O cutie CU ciocolată" would be a box of chocolate. "O cutie de ciocolate" would be a box of chocolates. But the sentence translates to "a box of chocolate", in other words, a box made of chocolate.


To make sense in English, the translation should be, "Mary wants a box of chocolates."


In English we would say, "Mary wants a box of chocolates." We would never say, "Mary wants a chocolate box". That would infer that Mary wants a box that is made out of chocolate".


Since ciocolată is singular I assumed that a box made of chocolate was meant.


Or a box that was the packaging for chocolates.


In situations like this one, when the translation is wrong, please fill the correct answer and then press Report with the option "My answer should be accepted." This is the only way you can obtain a change for the sentence. An AI algorithm is in the back and is ranking your reports (not all reports are correct). The contributors will operate changes based on the algoritm results. It is a long process, don't expect sentences to be modified the next day. This time, there is no need and of no beneffit to "do pressure" here in forums, if you already reported the sentence. Forum is for users, to discuss about language and to help each other. If you really want to be useful, please only Report.


Yes, absolutely agree with what you say. Flooding the comments in forums with complaints is redundant, and takes away from the usefulness of the comments to those who use the forums as you say. I would like to note however, that many times I will look to the forum when I see a large number of comments. Usually greater than 10 or so. This tells me something is either a) Interesting in the translation and will be of benefit to me or b) The contradiction of the translation I have is supported by many other users hence the large number of comments. So, I would recommend that instead of showing Report -- Discuss (11), it would be better to show the numbers for report also... Report (11), Discuss(4). Perhaps this would limit the comments in the forum.


Perhaps the AI should be doing sentiment analysis on the forum comments...


Why hasn't this been corrected already? The meaning of this sentence is "box OF chocolates", not a chocolate box.

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