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Your favourite word ...

What's your favourite word in a language you are studying? I like the Italian word: asciugamano and I don't understand why. What's yours?

December 3, 2017



It is a phrase but I absolutely love it: Ya estas muerto. It means your already dead


In Japanese that would be お前はもう死んでいる。(omae wa mou shinde iru)


borboleta = Butterfly, in Portuguese... How could you not enjoy saying that?


Maybe 水曜日 (suiyoubi). It means "Wednesday," and for the most part the only reason I like it is the way it sounds and the fact that 水 means "water" (all the days of the week in Japanese are named after either one of the five classical elements of China (essentially the four classical western elements plus gold), the sun, or the moon).


my favorite phrase in welsh is "dw i hoffi coffi' because its funny


And it means ....?


This is a great post!

In Spanish I like the word relámpago (lightning), because it sounds very emphatic. I'm also childishly amused by the German word Fahrzeug (vehicle), because it is so onomatopoeic, at least until internal combustion cars are replaced with their electric kin.


Mine are two phrases in Spanish: Es posible, pero no se. (It's possible, but I don't know.) And also, "Estamos listos?" (Are we ready?). I've incorporated these into regular usage, even though 99% of my friends don't know any Spanish. By now, several of them are fluent in these two phrases xD


Archfarchnad (Welsh for "supermarket")


When I was looking at Swahili I found the funniest word: pilipili hoho. It means Bell Pepper.

Pili pili ho ho! Pili Pili Hoho! pilipili hoho!



My life was incomplete before you shared that. xD


My favorite word is novia. It is spanish for girlfriend!


the German word - wirklich - it means really i just like how it sounds!


i like the phrase in french "je suis une pomme de terre" it means "i am a potato"


Probably "Ananas" which means pineapple in Hebrew (at the moment I can't remember how to spell it in the Hebrew text). I think I like it cuz its kinda funny how it sounds like the English word Bananas. It just amuses me I guess lol


Ananas is definitely "a pineapple" in Polish, Russian, Slovak and, perhaps, other Slavic languages, and in Polish it has an additional coloquial meaning: a naughty boy. You're such an ananas! Ha, ha...


Lol that's funny.....Ananas is such a great word lol!


My favorite phrase: Ni fu ni fa. The phrase makes me smile every time I get to say it.


What does it mean and in which language?

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