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  5. "这双鞋子质量不太好。"


Translation:This pair of shoes is not very good quality.

December 3, 2017



The quality of these shoes is not so good. Should be accepted.


That would be 这双鞋子的质量不太好


Yeah that was the sentence


Ought to be "this pair of shoes is not of very good quality".


Is it normal to not have a 的 between 鞋子 and 质量? Does this work like 我妈妈 / 我的妈妈?


Someone else said in another discussion that including the 的 is also OK but it is not necessary when the meaning is clear without it.


This is a compound word.

Remember it like "牛奶" : cow milk

You don't say : 牛的奶 (cow's milk), but "cow milk"



Following your example of how compound words are structured the base in 鞋子质量 is what? I think it is 质量 and therefore 'quality' should be the subject in the English translation but it is not. Or did I get it completely wrong?


Would this also be right? "this pair of shoes is not great quality"


Or these shoes are not very good quality


You've left out 双 (pair). Your sentence would = 这些鞋子质量不太好


In US English, we usually refer to a "pair of shoes" as just "shoes." In most cases, if someone says: "I can't find my shoes", it means they are looking for just one pair. Otherwise they would say: "I can't find any of my shoes" and this means multiple pairs.

A natural translation doesn't require English to match measure words used in Chinese if the meaning is the same.


I suggest "these shoes are not very good quality". The "correct" translation feels just a little stilted to me... anyone else?


I agree. In English we tend to speak of something being [adjective] quality, rather than having [adjective] quality. As you say, while not wrong, the suggested answer is awkward.


Yes, this is a very awkward and wordy way of phrasing it


The grammar of this sentence is not very good quality. -- Would say: the quality of the grammar of this sentence leaves much to be desired! :-)


I am a native English speaker and now I am confused by the eccentric English translations in this exercise.


The quality of this translation is not very good (sic).


My favorite native speaker says 质量 is not appropriate, 品质 is by far the most common word for quality. 质量 means "mass" (in the physics sense).


Hanping defines both 质量 and 品质 as

• character • intrinsic quality (of a person) • quality (of a product or service, or as in "quality of life", "air quality" etc)


On the downside: 还可以/还好 (still fine, okay - but not satisfactory)》一般 (average, not impressive) 》很一般/不太好 (barely okay, not so good)》不好 (not good, bad) 》很不好/很差 (bad, very bad) 》太差 (very bad - to the extent it is unacceptable) 》差极了 (extremely bad).


The concepts are of course just rough comparisons. Everybody have their own perception.

太不好 is not a correct phrase.


Like these 形容词判断的阴影. Thanks for sharing.


谢谢. Thanks for teaching us good quality Chinese. Duolingo (the Chinese, because the Spanish is pretty good) can be pretty bad sometimes. Love the forum though.


"These shoes do not have very good quality"


Another example of very clunky transliteration.

Finally finished this module, and must say it's the worst one overall.

Complete lack of consistency between use of 的 and 想;

One word (蓝) used for every single sentence featuring colour;

Very unnatural English translations throughout (former university teacher in several countries, and current language assessor specialising in Chinese speakers of English).

Overall the app has been very helpful, but this module needs some serious revision.


I wish you were in their team. The Chinese module needs some serious revision. They have not even fixed some mistake in the pronunciation of 了. It says "liao" such as in 了解 when it supposed to say "le".


The quality of this pair of shoes is poor.


Has "The quality of this pair of shoes is poor" been accepted?

"This pair of shoes is of poor quality." = Rejected.: 23 feb. 2020.


In fact, this "correct" answer is a tad ungrammatical. It should read "not of very good quality."


not OF (very) good quality - or just not (very) good

Even the word-for-word translation looks better! (the quality of this pair of shoes is not very good)


You can just say 'This pair of shoes is not good quality'.


This pair of shoes is not good quality - Why is this not accepted? - If something is not good quality then it is equally not very good quality.


In fact it shouldn't even be "not very good," it should just be "not good."


This pair of shoes is not of very good quality.


To be able to complete this lesson, I finally - after two earlier attempts! - entered the incorrect answer from Duolingo. I reported: “MY ANSWER SHOULD NOT BE ACCEPTED.” 23 feb. 2020.


The answer provided is stilted and unnatural, and grammatically incorrect. When I respond with a grammtically correct phrase it is marked as incorrect - so frustrating!!!


The correct answer is unnatural English. It should be something like "The quality of these shoes is not very good" -you wouldn't say pair of shoes in that context


This pair of shoes are not in very good condition?


The voice recording sessions should last a little longer or offer a retry. I would help to practice speaking more.


Why isn't is 质量的这双鞋子不太好? Could someone please explain this sentence structure? And why no 了after 太好?


I think there is no 了 because nothing has changed - these shoes were bad from the beginning :)


What I meant is written here https://www.duolingo.com/skill/zs/Payment/tips under "Too expensive!".


I fogot about that part - you a right, that's an interesting question! maybe that is somehow because of 不?

Native speakers, where are you? Who knows the answer?


Maybe this is a topic-comment sentence, with
这双鞋子 being the topic,
质量不太好 being the comment?


As I look at it now it's not 质量的这双鞋子 but 这双鞋子的质量, since 鞋子 and 质量 are both nouns, not adjectives. As in "mom's clothes" - 妈妈的衣服, only it's "shoe's quality"

And then they just skipped 的, as always. And also 了 - well, why not? ;)

And before it was just 这双鞋子的 质量 不太好了


I think I understand it now. And yes I mixed up the nouns in my original comment :)


This pair of shoes is of not very good quality. = Rejected.: 23 feb. 2020.


How interesting that the word, "質量" in Taiwan means "mass", as the mass of Black Holes, the Body Mass Index, etc. "品質" is mostly used for the word "quality" instead.....


Should be correct. Your version has bad grammar.


Oh my God the abuse of the to be verb here kills me.


The translation in English is "not very good quality". It is complete nonsense!


The "very" in this translation is not correct. Literally that's what the sentence is, but the "不太好" really just means "not good." The reason is that "不好" carries a connotation of comparison. As in, "this pair's quality is not good (that pair's is good)." Adding "太" gives it the feeling of being specific to the subject.


I don't like the awkward nature of this English translation. Better translations might be: "This pair of shoes is not of very good quality" or "The quality of these shoes ("pair' is implied in English) is not very good"


... of not good quality. You need the 'of'.


This sentence in English is jarring. They should make a new sentence...


I wrote: "The quality of this pair shoes is not very good." This is marked as wrong. The translation of Duolingo is more than very bad!


I also tried "this pair of shoes is not too good quality", I don't see much difference.


Should be "不太好了", because you always connect 太 with 了 when it's supposed to mean very.


Not necessarily. When you just say, 不太好了, it can mean something is deteriorating. If you just say, 不太好, it usually means not so good.

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