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The fire logo with a checkmark

Does anybody know what the fire logo with the check mark means. If you can't find it its beside your username.

December 3, 2017



It means the number of consecutive days you've completed your daily goal, for example, if I stablish a 40XP goal, and I do 50XP the 1st Day, 40 Xp the 2nd Day, and 60Xp the 3rd Day, then the streak will increase, but if the 4th Day I just do 30XP, then I'll lost my streak, and I'll have to restart from zero.


And the green checkmark appears when you've reached your daily goal and thus the streak has been extended

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And if the orange flame doesn't have the green check it means you need to complete your daily XP goal for that day or you will lose your streak; unless you have paid for a streak freeze in advance in the Lingot store. If you use it then you best pay for another streak freeze; it costs 10 Lingots.


Thanks all of you :)

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