"Asians are not all Chinese!"

Translation:아시아인은 다 중국인이 아니야!

December 3, 2017




December 3, 2017


hello, I am a Korean. this sentence is wrong. the correct answer is "아시아인'이' 다 중국인'은' 아니야!" .......... change the position of them...please

If you write "아시아인은 다 중국인이 아니야 ", this means... "All Asians are not Chinese"

February 13, 2018

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While it is correct that "아시아인이 다 중국인은 아니야!" always translates to "Not all Asians are Chinese!", the exercise sentence could, though not always, also mean the same thing. This ambiguity comes from the fact that 다 can be both a noun and an adverb.

In your translation, 다 is used as a noun and the subject.

"Regarding Asians, all (of them) are not Chinese."

However, consider 아시아인은 as the subject as well as the topic, and 다 as an adverb.

"It is not (true) that all Asians are Chinese."

To make it clear, add 아직.

"아시아인은 아직 다 중국인이 아니야!"

This would probably always translate to "Not all Asians are Chinese yet."

February 13, 2018


For real!!

March 6, 2018
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