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Arabic Lessons by YouTuber here!

So yh I’m really impatient for Arabic to come out lol so I was looking on utube for some resources and I came across this guy called Imran Alawiye. He is a fun guy and does Arabic Lessons that are designed to get you to fluency if you study hard enough.

I just started today watching his videos and I have learnt so much! His channel is here and I recommend you check him out! https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCEmWUZanVYXEzZXYDHzD-iA

btw his beginner videos are all the way at the bottom so go watch!

December 3, 2017



Thanks. You should check out LearnArabicwithMaha too. I'm excited for the Arabic course but my focus is on Spanish right now so I'm taking the Arabic really slow & trying to learn the alphabet with this guys videos.


I love Maha. She is delightful and her lessons are great.


Good luck with your Arabic studies!


شكرًا Thank you!

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