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Web version repeatedly keeps stuck in a loop

Like the title says, get some wrong, it will start throwing the same 2 or 3 at you for the rest of the section. Even after you get them repeatedly correct. Totally ignoring the other questions in the section...

Currently doing Activity-1/2 and it's asking for the English for

"いつべんきょうしますか" and "いつしごとをしますか" and "二十四時間パーティーをします"

again and again and again, even after getting them correct again and again and again. It's not even asking the other way around, for the Japanese answers for English questions, which are the ones I keep getting wrong and need to practice on.

December 3, 2017



Yep, happened to me a lot, though not anymore since I've finished the tree and it seems to only be a problem when doing new lessons (at least in my case). The course is still in beta, so it will hopefully be resolved in the future, but for now, there's not much you can do.


This is probably just a bug, please report it to troubleshooting ^^


I think this is some sort of bug; I've encountered it too. Sometimes, if it's bad enough, I have tried closing out of a lesson and starting it repeatedly and closing out whenever it starts repeating exercises. Usually after 3 or so times of doing this, it fixes the problem.

You may find this workaround useful, before they fix this problem.

I hope they fix this problem soon.

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