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  5. "どっちですか?"


Translation:Which one is it?

December 3, 2017



So this can also be Which way is it?


Yes indeedee.


どっち refers to direction, no? "Which is it" would be どれですか? Reported.


Hello Charles,

どれ is "which" when you have three or more choices.

どっち and どちら are "which" when you have only two choices. 


どっち•どちら can also mean where or which way.

どっちに行く。Which way are you going?

どちらからですか。Where are you from?

: )


The best explanation about どっち and どちら i've had so far. Thank you.


In addition to B_bethany's explanation, I would mention that どちら is more polite than どっち. どちら would actually be considered the regular form. Unless you are on familiar terms with the other party and they speak casually with you, it is probably best to stick to どちら until you're more comfortable.

どちら can also mean 'who', as in 'Who are you' / 'Who is calling?' どちら様(さま)でしょうか?


Differences between どれ、どっち、どちら - Explained by George from Yes Japan/Japanese from Zero: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GLDYr1kAW-Q


Wouldn't "where is it?" be an acceptable translation?


Use of question words どれ and どっち indicates that the answer is limited just a couple or a few choices. It is best to translate it within such parameters. C.

Conversationally, it might be acceptable (given proper context).

For example, someone performing a shell game might use 'Where is it?' to mean 'Which one (of the cups) is it in?'.

'Which direction is it?' / 'Which way is it?' could reasonably be argued to be correct translations, but 'Where is it?' is a bit too broad.


Could this also translate as "Where is it?"


Only if it were highly paraphrased. 'Which way/direction is it?' would be far closer to the original.


"Where is it?" would be "doko desuka?", right?

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