December 3, 2017

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I feel like they should have other numbers combined as answer options, e.g. 65, 78, 70 (obviously written in chinese) because since we see only one number combined we can easily tell thats the answer. I dont know if this makes sense to some.


I believe they aren't yet because they are still trying to teach us the characters for 5 and 10 and they don't want to add distractors until we learn these characters better. I still do not have these characters memorized at this point since I've only seen them two or three times so far.


Really: this is the worst way to learn numbers. In android app there is no explanation on them, and I don't really know how its even possible to learn numbers like that! There are even not all of them. And why 好 and other non-numbers are there?


There are tips that you can look at before you enter the lesson


Does combining wu3shi2 sort of eat up the first wu3 tone? If I really say both tones slowly, the word sounds different...


Im starting from the basics to just earn those sweet points lol

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