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Transcription of the Korean alphabet

Hi everybody,
I would like to ask you if I need to lern the transcription of the alphabet given by duoligo. Will I need it for further studies of the language?
I am not a native English speaker and the transcripion is only confusing me. I would prefer to lern it with my own transcription but I was wondering if this could become a problem later.
Thank you in advance for your answers :)

December 3, 2017



You don't need the "transcription" / Romanization, and, in fact, except for getting acquainted with the sounds (which you can probably do better in your own language) it will actually impede your progress. It's only value later on would be if you had some reason to transcribe the pronunciation of the language for a non-Korean speaker who might want to learn a few phrases. Try some of the Korean Youtube videos teachig hangul for Korean preschoolers and you won't have the baggage of either English or your own language.


Thank you very much! :)


OK, they are great but there are so many of them which sounds to me the same :/


I haven't really used Duolingo much at all, but I find the audio samples very poor. Memrise have better audio. I didn't learn the sound of each individual character on their own, but by listening to sentences and words mainly. But that is difficult with poor audio.


English is not my native language either and I sometimes make mistakes when I redo the first skills in korean course. Its just meant to make it easier for you to remember the sounds, but id say its a bit weird. I think you wont need it once you remember how to read the alphabet. Just remember it as sounds of a new language, rather than english transcription.

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