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  5. "对不起,我们不收信用卡。"


Translation:Sorry, we don't take credit cards.

December 3, 2017



I typed "Sorry, we don't accept credit card" and it was marked incorrect.


I agree. 'Accept' should definitely be accepted. Pun intended.


You missed the S, cardS


Card or cards mean the same thing and should both be accepted.


Won't even accept

"Sorry, we do not accept credit card"

Very common in English, it does not have to be a plural on the card, and in Chinese there is no singular or plural on any simple noun.

Driving me nuts this one.


Yes... this one has been going on a year now and still not fixed. Drives me crazy when stupid things like this go unfixed!!! Absolutely no need for the plural on "card".


It's not grammatically correct in English if you leave card as singular.


What is the difference between 收 and 収?


収 and 收 are two characters with the same meaning. I think 收 is a lot more popular


Is the verb "take" used in English in this meaning in connection with credit cards? It's the first time I came across this idiom. I have heard only "accept" yet.


To "take" a method of payment means that you accept that method of payment.


Take ? they don't give it back?


If debit and credit cards are both covered by this term - and presumably charge cards as well, why isn't the more usual and generic 'sorry, we don't take cards' accepted? Reported. (Some retailers - both in shops and online in the UK will only accept debit card payments and refuse the use of credit cards)


Isn't it correct to say, "sorry, we don't take credit?"


No. Credit implies the provision of a loan (a line of credit). That is to say that you're borrowing money. "Credit card" is freely exchanged with "debit card" and doesn't specifically relate to borrowing money to pay for the transaction — just a method of generic card payment.


Why " cards" why it is in plural?


In English the sentence is not grammatically correct if you say "card" in the singular form. Other similar examples:

Sorry, no dogs are allowed in the store.

Please keep feet off the train seats.

No phone calls allowed.

No electronic devices allowed in the doctors office.

In English, if you were to say it in singular, it sounds like you are saying, specifically this one credit card is not accepted. However, the store rule is that (all) credit cards are not accepted. I hope this helps clarify the question.


why the translation is not" we are not accepting credit cards". it's the same meaning though


I ledt out the word "credit" and just said cards. Its not necessary to include the word credit in english. It sounds more natural without it.


"We don't accept credit cards, sorry." was marked wrong. Until Duo puts more work into getting the answers right, not many people are going to get their credit cards out and pay for a plus subscription!

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