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"Don't you have a bigger house?"

Translation:Hast du kein größeres Haus?

March 16, 2013



I was tasked to translate English into German, and wrote "Haben Sie nicht ein größeres Haus?" This was accepted, and then I noticed that the appropriate answer used kein. Immediately I thought, where there would be "ein", negate with "kein". Ich bin kein Deutscher. This is still something I struggle with. I know I would be understood, and that is the goal of acquisition of an L2, but this is a specific focus area for me, so I want to know: is nicht -also- correct here, or is it incorrect but was wrongly marked correct?


Good question! "Nicht ein" is incorrect, according to my German teacher. "Kein" is the proper way to say it, and Duolingo shouldn't be accepting "nicht ein."


Same question here!


To me (german) both versions ("kein" and "nicht ein") sound okay


why "kein" instead of "keines"?


Because it is Accusative of Neuter and if you look at the Indefinite article endings in this table http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/German_articles you'll understand.


"größer (comparative form) + es (mixed infliction because it comes after kein)" = größeres http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/German_adjectives#Mixed_inflection

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