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Reviews after level 25

Do lessons keep decreasing after you reach level 25?

December 3, 2017



All languages available in DL have a set of lessons and these lessons don't have anything to do with "levels" . In other words you can be at level 25 but it doesn't necessarily mean you have completed all the lessons. The levels are directly related to the XP if you have 30,000 XP you are in level 25. On the other hand you can have less than 30,000 XP and completed all the lessons ( completed tree) So lessons don't increase or decrease.Boa sorte!


Yes, you can continue to earn XP by strengthening skills although there are no more levels after level 25 or you can do what many do and that is to start the reverse course.


The reverse course is good at that moment.


They keep adding new vocabulary and new questions long after you've passed level 25, but it trickles in slowly.



But you (and I…) have still a lot of time before being there. The number of XP between level 20 and level 25 is the same than from the beginning to level 20… so you are at about half the XP to level 25 in Portuguese ;-) (Of course, it becomes faster to gain XP when you are at this level.)

I don't know il I'll ever reach level 25 for any language ;-)


Interesting, didn't realize the last five levels had such a high total


The lessons stay the same. I'd say if you are trying to become fluent in a language you will keep studying past level 25 though.

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