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"What do you like to do online?"


December 3, 2017



“你喜欢上网干什么?“ is marked wrong.

Any reason why 做 is more acceptable here than 干?


The only difference i have asked my friend to distinguish those two was that 做 is a more polite term than 干

[deactivated user]

    Inverting 上网 and 喜欢 should be accepted because it's the same meaning. In many language you would say the same


    Again, it is Chinese. It is good to compare and look for similarities from other languages, especially English, in order to help us to remember but please don't try to generalize it with other languages structures and syntaxes.


    I believe 上网 means "to go online" and has a verb usage. You might be thinking of "online" as a place, in which case a location is typically used before the verb with 在.

    A literal translation for what you suggested would read:
    "You go online like to do what?"

    Duo's translation reads:
    "You like to go online to do what?"

    Even in English, it is more natural to say 喜欢上网 (like to go online).


    I see that the 2 questions don't have any answer, and I also would like to know 1) if "你上网喜欢做什么“ is correct ? if there is any difference of meaning ? 2) why we use 做 here and not 干 ? thanks :)


    Yes, guidance from native speaker needed for this!


    Why is it "做什么" here, but for a similar question i put that but it wanted "什么做"?


    I was thinking the same, cause is the correct order in questions with 什么, maybe its a particular reason with that verb


    Why “做” is after “上网” ?


    Literally, it looks like "You like to go online doing what?" I guess that's why. Rephrasing to do the trick of remembering the order of things.


    Reported! 你上网喜欢做什么 should also be accepted.


    Also wondering why 干 doesn't work here.


    I think this is the first time they've introduced 做 to mean 'to do' something. Isnt it usualy to make something (cooking?).

    Wouldn't 干 be a much more natural fit?


    With semantically lightweight words like 做 you shouldn't expect different languages' usage to line up too strictly. No neat equivalences like 做 = 'make', 干 = 'do'. (And just wait until you see all the things 打 gets used for!)

    In practice, 干 is more casual, 做 more formal.


    I asked a native Beijing speaker. They are different. Gan is street language and used for a physical act. Zuo is more polite and used when the 'doing' is not a physical act, like being online.


    上网 the accepted term is a verb and means "to go online".

    网上 is a noun and means "online".

    你喜欢在网上做什么? Should be acceptable?


    oh i see! thank you!


    what's the difference between 上网 and 网上?when i clicked on the word "online" the hint said 网上 so i typed that, but the correct answer said 上网


    That's between me and my browser history

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