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A few Austrian-German words

Here's a video from Easy German about some words Austrians use which Germans don't know.


December 3, 2017



Oida. That's Styria, they're... special, as everyone from the rest of Austria knows.* Some useful words there, but it misses some really important ones, like:

  • Oida. Can be used in every imaginable situation. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iuXR53ex4iI - and - http://unfasslich.blogspot.de/2016/03/oida.html

  • sich ausgehen = to work out: "Das geht sich aus!" "This will work out / is working out fine." There's no word for that in "Bundesdeutsch".

  • leiwand = nice, brilliant, beautiful, ...

  • Sackerl = bag, notably plastic bags for shopping.

  • ang(e)fress(e)n, an(ge)zipft = angry, upset ("Das zipft mich an" = "That upsets me / gets on my nerves")

  • ...vs. "Das taugt mir" = "I like that"

  • Spritzer / g(e)spritzt: a drink (wine, juice) with soda; they don't like the word "Schorle".

  • Obers = whipped cream, not to be confused with Ober = waiter.

  • Erdäpfel, Paradeiser, Melanzani, Fisolen, Vogerlsalat... - potatoes, tomatoes, eggplants, (garden) beans, (salad of) lamb's lettuce... - the Austrians really like to give their vegetables different names.

  • Marillen, Ribis(e)ln, Dirndln - apricots, (red)currants, cornel cherry - same goes for fruits. (Dirndl, of course, is also a kind of dress.)

  • picken = to stick / to be sticky (kleben)

  • and of course a wide range of funny little insults Duo wouldn't want me to list here :)

*Actually, every part of Austria is "special" to the rest of Austria, it seems. Everyone hates the Viennese, nobody thinks Vorarlberg is actually still Austria, etc etc... Austrians are strange.


In the video, they pointed out that these are just 10 examples. Mathias is supposed to be revealing new ones every day on Instagram.

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Das war ein gutes Video; viel Spaß.


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