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WIU Week 48 discussion

Since Jrikhal locked the WIU, why don't we discuss it here?


December 3, 2017



Russian from Turkish is done! Nice! I wish Hindi could pick up the pace again though; it's been in a funk for the past month now. I hope we can still get Hindi (and the opening of Finnish) for Christmas!


I agree! I am anxious to start both, but still impatiently waiting for Finnish at the same time.


I'm hoping with you but I honestly doubt we'll get Hindi by the end of the year. I can see it maybe reaching 100% but after that it'll of course still have to get audio and take some time to get everything ready and fix as many mistakes as possible.

[deactivated user]

    Here is the link to the WIU, for anyone wondering.


    I hope Yiddish and Haitian Creole make some progress soon.


    Haitian Creole did make some progress, maybe a couple of tenths.


    Yeah, you're right, but at this step, it will take a long time for the course to be finished.


    Quite disappointing no Progress in the ones i'm looking forward to Indonesian even went back a few points i hope Arabic or Indonesian or hindi comes out before 2019.


    Typically when a course goes backwards in progress it means new features (such as words, skills, etc) are being added but haven't been fully completed.


    I'm glad to see that Klingon is almost ready for beta. I hope the technical issues for Klingon's romanization can be fixed soon (maybe in time for Christmas?).


    Klingon: Hello, language courses and language learners. I've made no progress in the past few weeks. ^1

    French Byte: You seemed to be at 100% when I first started here, and I'm 2 months Duold.

    French: That's strange.

    Chinese: Wow, I seem to have progressed faster. I'm still pretty fresh, though.

    French: Well, Klingon is STILL hatching.

    Esperanto: I wonder if it is really at 100%. They should pull it back if they're still fixing or adding stuff.

    French Byte: I don't know about that. Perhaps the reason makes it unclear.

    French shrugs

    Esperanto: Just curious, Byte.

    Klingon: Uh, what's my status? https://incubator.duolingo.com/courses/id/kl/status ? Or what?

    French: Anyway, you seem to have been at 100% forever.

    French Byte: Past few months, I guess.

    Chinese: Well, I hope you can actually get in Beta. There are a quite a few excited people.

    Esperanto: Few? Probably more than 3 users, if my interpretation is incorrect.

    Chinese: Uh, wording. There are a LOT of excited people.

    French: Yikes, my interpretation of that is that there are 1000 people who are excited.

    Chinese: sighs Please, you guys ^2 get what I mean...

    French Byte: I'm just waiting to see if it ever comes out.

    Klingon: OK, we'll see what happens in the next WIU. *

    I'm waiting to see when the Course will be in Beta, and if learners will complain about it. ^3

    Chinese: I've heard that a Klingon Course Contributor had to make up words. ^4

    French Byte: WHAT?

    Esperanto: That's simply unacceptable.

    Chinese: Hey, just heard it. It hasn't necessarily happened.

    French: I saw some other users talking about it.

    French Byte: Hmm. Do you think a contributor actually made words?

    Chinese: And sentences, I think.

    Esperanto: It's possible.

    French Byte: Is this linked to anything else about Klingon? ^5

    Esperanto: We must wait to find out. *

    This is NOT intended to be offensive or insult anybody. It is simply a 'play' that shows my feelings for the Klingon course, and this should not be taken as a compliment or insult. Only a funny 'play'.

    The characters' speech is based solely on what I believe matches the language course and the language itself.

    ^1 - Klingon is still where it used to be, 2+ months ago

    ^2 - reference to the plural 'you' in Mandarin Course

    ^3 - the Mandarin Course is fresh and there are many users complaining about it

    ^4 - it's possible; Byte saw some users talking about it --- it might just be a rumor, though

    ^5 - referring to the play above

    Reply to this if you have anything to say on:

    Klingon Course Progress

    The play

    'Rumor' that may be true



    I can count six courses actively in development. Signs of any more?

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