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  5. "Jedna bota tady je."

"Jedna bota tady je."

Translation:One shoe is here.

December 3, 2017



Why is Here is one shoe marked incorrect?


Eliska, in English, when you are describing where the shoe is, you say either "There is one shoe here" or "One shoe is here".

In contrast, you say "Here is one shoe" only when you are in the act of handing/giving one shoe to somebody. But the Czech we are given here does not mean that.


How would one say : "Here is one shoe" in Czech, like in the second example?


You can say "Tady je jedna bota."


I can't find my shoes. You are helping me to look for them. You find one. You can say (1) Here is one shoe or (2) One shoe is here.

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