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  5. "Did you guys buy insurance?"

"Did you guys buy insurance?"


December 3, 2017



Shouldn't the translation be "have you guys bought insurance"


You are right.

If we say in English "Did you buy insurance?", the speaker expects that listeners should have bought it. Although the Chinese question here is alright, a closer way would be to use a negative question, 你们没买保险吗?


Is it correct to use 有沒有 before a verb? My chinese teacher always makes a point that although many people say sentences like 你有去過中國嗎 that this is incorrect.


Your teacher does have a reason because this form implies that it is allowed to reply with 有/have + V, which is actually wrong in Mandarin (albeit it is alright to do so in English, Cantonese and other languages). However, as millions of people have been making questions like that for a hundred years, it is perhaps not very meaningful to insist on the "correct" form (such as 去過沒去過). Just be careful not to reply with 有/have + V (我有去過 would be wrong, 我去過 would be correct).


It may be, but it is colloquial and most people use or have used it.


Does the Chinese sentence need "le"? I do not think it is the pass simple when i read it


It is logical to think that 了 is needed, because the response should be either 我买了 or 我没买. But it is natural not to use 了 in such question.

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