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100XP A Day With Bunny Challenge (Dec 2017)

(Don't forget to click "follow discussion" if you intend to.)

Image source
Ty Trofaste for finding this bunny gem!

[Image source: ©C. -B. Hennrich]

The bunny challenge is back to help you persevere through a cold winter/hot summer! :D

For all of you newcomers, welcome to the challenge! I hope you will find this motivating for your studies over the next 7 days. :)

For y'all who have already participated, you know the drill: Starting today (or if it's too late today, you can start tomorrow), put in your best effort to earn 100XP a day (or however many you would like to set as your goal), each day, for a week.

The suggested rule: Please do not use placement tests or test-outs to accumulate XP for this challenge.

To join: just leave a comment today with your week's chart and update it daily as shown below, with whatever day you've started as the day listed first:. For me, that's going to be Sunday.

This is an extra, optional challenge. If you want, you can reach your goal using only Timed Practice. List how many XP you want to gain and record which skills you did using Timed Practice. (I especially encouraged those learning Japanese to do the TPBF.)

'To help find your Daily XP Charts for updating`, use the search funciton. On Windows desktop, click CTRL and F on your keyboard. On iOS, click COMMAND F. ^_^

Click to see last month's challenge

Remember, the good stuff is worth striving for.

Image source

My Goal Minimum of 40XP/day in Japanese/ultimately reach level 14 in two weeks, Basics 1 in Polish, Level 2 in Greek. Start to review and gild Spanish from the beginning. (So, I won't exclusively be doing TPBF).

Week 1
Sunday 日曜日: PL Basics 1! 40 (+30XP) ✔️

Monday 月曜日: Total XP 163 (JPXP? idk.) ✔️
Tuesday 火曜日: 40 (+22XP) ✔️ ( 152 XP to go before Level 14 JP!)
Wednesday 水曜日: 40 (112XP to go!) ✔️
Thursday 木曜日: 40 (+72XP) ✔️

Friday 金曜日: 40XP (+ a whole ton in Spanish that I'm not counting because it's all early skill gilding.) ✔️
Saturday 土曜日: Spanish and 3 hours of ASL (so no JPN today) ✔️

Week 2
Monday 月曜日: ✔️
Tuesday 火曜日: ✔️
Wednesday 水曜日: ✔️
Thursday 木曜日: X
Friday 金曜日: ✔️ (Woo hard day!)
Saturday 土曜日: (Tons of Spanish but no Japanese woops.)
Sunday 日曜日: (Tons of Spanish but no Japanese woops.)

For those who wish to join us for a second week, feel free to make a second chart at the end of the first week.

December 3, 2017



This sounds super exciting! Learning and practicing along with others always makes me happy, so I encourage others to join! Have fun everyone :) -xx❤

My Goal: 100XP Every Day

Week 1 - Spanish / Español:

domingo: 70/100XP ✔️

lunes: 132/100XP (make up ^)✔️

martes: 106/100XP ✔️ (Leveled Up To Level 18!)

miércoles: 102/100XP ✔️

jueves: 137/100XP ✔️

viernes: 106/100XP

sábado: 124/100XP

(I am a newcomer so don't judge me if I don't get to my daily goal on some days. I will make up for it the next day!)


That is the most adorable profile picture. I just felt obligated to say that. (Good luck on your XP challenge! ^.^)


Alright, excited for this challenge since I really want to finish my Japanese tree before the year end. But... finals are next week and I'm a physics major so time will be scarce to say the least. I'll aim for 30xp each day in Japanese, 10 of which must be in a new lesson.
Edit: Week 2 goal reduced to 10xp in Japanese, but still has to be a new lesson.

Week 1

日曜日: 34xp [24 in Timed Practice (Family skill), 10 in last lesson of Feelings skill]
月曜日: 30xp [10 in Direction 2 lesson 1, 20 in non-Timed Practice of Direction 1 and Dates skills]
火曜日: 30xp [20 in Direction 2 lessons 2 and 3, 10 in non-Timed Practice in Dates skill]
水曜日: 30xp [20 in Direction 2 lessons 4 and 5, 10 in non-Timed Practice in Shopping skill]
木曜日: 30xp [20 in Objects lesson 1 and 2, 10 in non-Timed Practice in Shopping skill]
金曜日: 30xp [20 in General Practice, 10 in Objects lesson 3]
土曜日: Eh, I slipped on the last day. Only 10xp from Objects lesson 4. We'll see if I can keep it up for a second week, although it is finals week.

Week 2

日曜日: Objects lesson 5 complete +10xp
月曜日: Objects lesson 6 complete +15xp
火曜日: Shopping 2 lesson 1 complete +15xp
水曜日: Shopping 2 lessons 2 and 3 complete (although on the app, lesson 2 still has the bug where it's only a single sentence) +27xp
木曜日: Shopping 2 lesson 4 complete +15xp
金曜日: Shopping 2 lesson 5 complete +15xp (Shopping skill finished)
土曜日: Hobby 3 lessons 1 and 2 complete + Timed Practice in Hiragana 1 = 50xp (did two lessons since they were so short on mobile)


Yay! The bunny challenge! Thanks for hosting this again.

100XP in French this week. I've neglected my tree long enough. I'm aiming to finish it by December 31st, so let's see how that goes:

Week one:

Lundi: 209XP/100XP ✔️

Mardi: 78XP/100XP (my phone died so at least I have an excuse)

Mercredi: 0/100XP (Okay, wow, I'm doing awful)

Jeudi: 0/100XP

Vendredi: 0/100XP

Samedi: 0/100XP

Dimanche: 0/100XP

Week Two:

Lundi: 0/100XP

Mardi: 0/100XP

Mercredi: 0/100XP

Jeudi: 0/100XP

Vendredi: 0/100XP

Samedi: 0/100XP

Dimanche: 0/100XP


WB Woof.! How much further do have for your French Tree?


21/78 skills completed, which is especially embarrassing since I started the tree in October 2016 :P


Woof., that's not embarrassing. We don't all go at the same pace nor even have the same goals for the paces we do manage. :)


Good luck on your challenge Woof.! ^.^


Thanks Dimitra! :)


After my November's very successful challenge (not really, but sshhh), I'm back for December's XP challenge. Let's hope I'll do better this time. ^.^ My goal is 100XP/day.

Monday: 100 XP

Tuesday: 100 XP

Wednesday: 100XP

Thursday: no XP. Yikes :/

Friday: 100XP

Saturday: 135 XP

Sunday: 100 XP

Well, it wasn't a total fail after all. ^.^


Reached level 14 in Japanese finally. YAY! (Also, look at this cute bow tie under the level up medal! xD)
Usagi reached level 14 in Japanese


おめでとう!(I have no idea if that's right, one day when I have time I'll need to take the course and find out)

Finished that Polish skill yet? ;)


Trofaste, omedetou is correct! As for the Polish goal, look at my skill chart in the OP. ;)


Hurrah for Google Translate! :D facepalm didn't even think of looking there... Up for Basics 2? Once you get to Phrases there's an explanation of the alphabet. ;)


Trofaste, if I didn't already have my hands full. I've got my normal Duo duties, plus a major project deadline coming up. But, check in with me again about it in the future.


I understand full hands! I'll certain bug you check in with you about it. :)


Rather than you being the sunflower, I'm growing ever more suspicious that you are in fact a bug on that sunflower. :P


Shhh, don't tell anyone!


New to this but I can always use a good challenge. I’m in. **Just added week 2, hoping to level up!

Meta: 100XP por día en español para dos semanas.

Semana 1

Domingo: 101/100XP

Lunes: 155/100XP

Martes: 111/100XP

Miércoles: 180/100XP

Jueves: 160/100XP

Viernes: 110/100XP

Sábado: 100/100XP

Semana 2

Domingo 200/100

Lunes 100/100

Martes 100/100

Miércoles 100/100

Jueves 200/100

Viernes 200/100

Sábado 220/100



Welcome CindyFahrb! If you have any questions about the challenge, don't hesitate to ask. ^_^


How did the rest of you do this week? And, any of you planning to stick around for this next week?

Yesterday was the last day of the first week for me. I'm planning to go ahead and participate in the second week (still using this same discussion. I just added a second week under my first chart in the OP.) I'm going to reduce my Goal in Japanese down to 10XP though. I have a big project I'm working on and need to put my energy towards that.

Saturday was awesome and long. I continued to gild my earlier Spanish skills. I didn't get any XP in Japanese (and crud! I forgot the Greek portion of my goal!) However, at 4pm I took an hour long car ride to attend a Deaf coffee event that went until 9pm . I ended up getting about 3 hours of ASL practice (I wasn't feeling well so I took a nap in the car for the rest of the event :P) Anyhow, I'm gonna go ahead and give myself a green check mark because, well it was still an awesome day for language studies. ^_^


The first week went well, I finished just now and set up a second week. I never thought I'd make it yesterday, after 13 hours at work, but somehow I did. I can probably thank French for that, though - the time and effort required for 100 xp varies a lot depending on your own language level and where you are in the tree.

I'll keep the same plan for the second week as I had for the first.


Maria.nils, oh wow! That's a long day! I'm glad you made it through!


I'm pretty happy with how the first week went overall, especially given how busy with schoolwork I was (and still am). I think I'll follow your example and reduce my goal for the second week as well.

Also that sounds awesome that you got so much practice in for ASL! I'm still much too shy when it comes to speaking, but I know I need the practice for German and Spanish (since I've been at the limit of book study in those two languages for a while now). One day soon I'll work up the courage to challenge myself as you have! Thank you for always being such a great inspiration and hosting these challenges!


I was going to walk away, but if keeping a goal as humble as 10XP is OK, then I can still continue the challenge. The performance for today (Monday) will anomalously spike though, because I tested out of the reverse Spanish tree (I changed the base language out of curiosity).


Wow, so many hours of ASL practice, super! I'll be here for another week. I'm set on reaching Level 25 in French. Hope you're feeling better.


You are amazing, as always :) Three hours of ASL practice! I hope you are fine.
I achieved the goal as expected, everything according to schedule, so I won't add a second week. Maybe I'll join in January and/or February to refresh French and Spanish, there are two perfectly grown trees to climb again :)


Bookworm, I hope we will see you in January. (Even if only so you don't wander off and completely forget about us ^_~)


Went pretty well last week. I now have three gold skills at the end of my tree, so my owl is no longer the only gold thing for a long ways up the tree. :) I'm definitely in for another week, with the same goal of 20 XP in French. Starting with a low goal means I don't need to reduce it. ;)

Saturday sounds awesome! I need to make myself speak French... Writing is easy (as far as shyness is concerned, that is), talking to myself or someone who doesn't understand is easy. But if you put me in front of someone who actually knows the language, my brain freezes and won't produce much, and what it does I'm too shy to say. There are times when I really wish I weren't an introvert... :P


Trofaste, I wouldn't be surprised if a majority of forum moderators and course contributors were introverts. Many I know among us are. I've totally done the freeze thing, multiple times. I even hung up on my friend's parents when my friend was in hospital. Their parents only knew Spanish and I froze up. (Mind you, when I hung up, it was so I could text them and hope they were willing to communicate with me that way. :P)


Join the crowd. I think Usagi is right. We might be a whole group of introverts. I was going to be spending time with a friend who belongs to a French group that meets at a coffee shop once a week to practice French. Well, I had French in HS ages ago but had completed the Duo French course and thought I was ready. I attended the French meetings three times and never said a word beyond "Bonjour" although I understood almost everything and had lots of ideas in my head. A placid smile was my only contribution. :-(


Where would the world be without its introverts? Albert Einstein, Rosa Parks, Eleanor Roosevelt, Barack Obama, JK Rowling, and jaye16. <3


Probably orbiting around the sun somewhere. :p


Thanks, Usagi that is the nicest compliment ever. Wow, what good company? Only I doubt that it was being introverts that made them special.


That sounds like me. Although my listening comprehension is still limited so maybe "understood almost everything" wouldn't apply. But other than that, yep, that's me. Good to know I'm not the only one.

You know, that doesn't actually make sense... Why would the introverts be the ones drawn to moderating and contributing? It strikes me as more of an extrovert thing.


The week was a whole lot of up and down. Every second day I didn't manage to achieve my goal. I'll join for a second week, but I don't know if it'll be better. Well it is what it is...

Great that you got so many hours of ASL practice!


tiramisues, have you considered reducing your XP goal a little? It looks like you achieved a lot last week, but might be perceiving it as a minus instead of a plus. Have you thought of setting the number of XP a little lower? That way you could meet it and on days when you've got more time/energy, you could do more if you wanted.

Thanks! Several of those hours was me watching the other signers and only picking up some of the conversation.


You're probably right, Usagi! It's also that I don't even bother to try when I know it's too far out of reach and I had a stressful day and just want to relax, so a lower goal that might seem more achievable even on those days might be better for me.

And I'm sure even watching the signers helped a lot! It's immersion after all! I picked up so much of my English knowledge passively through books and movies and while pronounciation (or in your case signing yourself) is something one has to practice actively it at least helped me with my confidence to try that and speak, when I knew that the rest like grammar and vocabulary wasn't completely wrong. I'm sure you'll get better at both!


Vous n'êtes pas anglophone ? o_O Je le ne devinerais jamais !


Haha, merci! Non, je suis allemand, mais j'apprend l'anglais depuis que j'ai 13 ans (plus que la moitié de ma vie) et je lis beaucoup en anglais (et je regarde trop de la télé) ;)

Mon français n'est pas si bon, même si je l'apprend plus longtemps et j'ai de la famille en France. Cettes phrases ont pris trop de temps pour ça et il y a certainement beaucoup d'erreurs. :D


Take this with a grain of salt, but I believe it should be something more like "j'apprend l'anglais depuis que j'ai eu 13 ans" and "même si je l'apprend depuis (très ?) longtemps". Then "Ces phrases m'ont pris trop de temps"? But don't trust me too much, Sitesurf always finds errors whenever I write her en français... Et votre français n'est pas très mal ! :)

I didn't even intend to write in French... But I'd been translating and my brain was in French mode!


Thanks for the corrections, Trofaste! :) Writing in French is good practice!

Those language modes of the brain sound familiar. Sometimes I can't even remember what language I read something in or was spoken in a conversation/on TV because my brain remembers the content in the language it currently thinks in. It's weird. :D


De rien ! Although as I said, don't trust them too much. :)

Sometimes my brain gets into one language mode and doesn't want to come out. It's very unhelpful when trying to talk to someone who doesn't speak that language! Usually that results in a weird combination (Franglais especially) which you can only understand if you speak both languages... :D


I’ll join! I’m hoping to level up in Welsh, Danish, Italian, and Swahili in the next week, so this will keep me going towards those goals, by doing 100 XP a day. :D

Monday (Montag): 230/100 XP | Level 9 in Welsh and Level 6 in Swahili achieved!
Tuesday (Dienstag): 347/100 XP | Level 8 in Italian achieved!
Wednesday (Mittwoch): 120/100 XP | Level 7 in Danish achieved!
Thursday (Donnerstag): 230/100 XP | Level 4 in Portuguese achieved!
Friday (Freitag): 189/100 XP | Level 5 in Portuguese achieved!
Saturday (Samstag): 106/100 | Level 6 in Portuguese achieved!
Sunday (Sonntag):


I am relatively new to Duolingo. However, I am excited to take up this challenge. I aim to earn 100xp per day in Spanish.

Week 1/Semana 1:

Sunday/Domingo: 146/100 XP | Level 11 Spanish ✔️

Monday/Lunes: 123/100 XP | Level 12 Spanish ✔️







Hi MissladyA, welcome aboard!


Great, I’ve been waiting for this challenge. I’ll aim for 50XP a day doing Chinese, plus the bonus XP from one timed practice in Japanese.

星期一 (Monday): 79 XP ✔️ (50XP ZH, 19XP JP, 10XP ES before challenge)
JP skill: Activity 1

星期二 (Tuesday): 70 XP ✔️ (50XP ZH, 20XP JP)
JP skill: Position

星期三 (Wednesday): 69 XP ✔️ (50XP ZH, 19XP JP)
JP skill: Hobby 1

星期四 (Thursday): 69 XP ✔️ (50XP ZH, 19XP JP)
JP skill: Transportation

星期五 (Friday): 70 XP ✔️ (50XP ZH, 20XP JP)
JP skill: Transportation (again...)

星期六 (Saturday): 69 XP ✔️ (50XP ZH, 19XP JP)
JP skill: (..... forgot (°_°))

星期日 (Sunday): 69 XP ✔️ (50XP ZH, 19XP JP)
JP skill: Clothes



Lunes (Monday): 1130XP ✔️ (Tested out of the reverse Spanish tree, changed base language to check this glitch).

星期二 (Tuesday): 10XP ✔️

星期三 (Wednesday): 10XP ✔️

星期四 (Thursday): 10XP ✔️

星期五 (Friday): 10XP ✔️

星期六 (Saturday): 10XP ✔️

星期日 (Sunday): 10XP ✔️


[deactivated user]

    WEEK 1: (i am not able to do special characters so I will give the amount of xp earned)

    Sunday: 100 XP Monday: Tuesday: Wednesday: Thursday: Friday: Saturday:


    Which language are you working on, ArtemisiumHero? If you'd like, I can try to post your chart and you can edit your comment, then copy and paste the chart into it? Let me know. ^_^

    [deactivated user]

      Thanks, but I'm fine!


      This sounds fun(and useful I'm in 2 XP competitions this month!) My language is Spanish Sunday: 104(earned before I saw this) Monday: 10(I'm a failure today T_T) Tuesday: Wednesday: Thursday: Friday: Saturday: Next Sunday:


      Hi PandaCatDotNet, you're another new face! Lots of those this week. Happy to have you with us. ^_^


      Thank you, that's really nice to hear :)


      My Goal is a minimum of 70XP/day in Esperanto, so I'll probably have somewhere around a total of Level 8 by the end of the week. I'll just be going further into my tree, but I"ll be doing a bit of review, like I normally do.

      Week 1

      Sunday Dimanco: 310

      Monday Lundo: 314

      Tuesday Mardo: 141

      Wednesday Merkredo: 140

      Thursday Jaudo: 59

      Friday Vendredo: 127

      Saturday Sabato: 264

      Week 2

      Sunday Dimanco: 376

      Monday Lundo:

      Tuesday Mardo:

      Wednesday Merkredo:

      Thursday Jaudo:

      Friday Vendredo:

      Saturday Sabato:


      Oh, wow! I have not been getting any updates outside of the first three. So, I really thought I'd messed up the delivery of this post somehow because I posted it while heavily medicated earlier today. So, I just hopped in to re-read it for any glaring oddities when I saw all of you had joined. :D


      I'm in! My goal is 100 XP a day and I'll try to do a lot of timed practice.

      Måndag: 150 XP, all timed practice ✔️

      Tisdag: 90 XP... oh well it was a long day

      Onsdag: 100 XP, around 20 of those with tp ✔️

      Torsdag: 110 XP, 30 tp ✔️

      Fredag: 120 XP, 30 tp ✔️

      Lördag: 150 XP, 50 tp✔️

      Söndag: 102 XP ✔️


      Sounds like a pretty good way to accumulate some more XP than usual. Would be nice to hit level 17 in Swedish by the end of the week (970 to go), so I might even try for more than 100/day:

      Måndag: 115 XP ✔️
      Tisdag: 105 XP ✔️
      Onsdag: 79 XP
      Torsdag: 101 XP ✔️
      Fredag: 108 XP ✔️


      Hola a todos! I could use this little boost of motivation during a busy December. Thanks for doing these community challenges Usagiboy7!

      Goal: 100 XP in Spanish

      Lunes: Exito!

      Martes: Exito

      Miercoles: Fracaso 8(

      Jueves: Exito!

      Viernes: Exito! [lvl 19!]

      Sabado: Domingo:


      im down. im fairly new to duolingo and im trying to catch up to my spanish classroom. i expect to by the end of the week: Spanish 8 French 6 Russian 5. 150 xp per day

      Week 1:








      which day of the week translation should i have done?


      Welcome to Duolingo and to the bunny challenge! We run once a month and after the first week, I usually hold the challenge going an extra in this same discussion post for those who want to continue. After that, the challenge will run again in January. ^_^


      Ok, I'm starting out on the 100 xp challenge today Monday Dec 04

      I've given the days in Greek but a lot of my work will be done on the French course because I'm aiming to get to level 25.

      Δευτέρα (Second day) Monday 222 xp

      Τρίτη (Third day) Tuesday 227 xp

      Τετάρτη (Fourth day) Wednesday 210

      Πέμπτη (Fifth day) Thursday 215

      Παρασκευή ("Preparation") Friday 300

      Σάββατο ("Sabbath") Saturday 332

      Κυριακή (Lord's day) Sunday 350

      Week TWO:

      Δευτέρα (Second day) Monday 480

      Τρίτη (Third day) Tuesday 220

      Τετάρτη (Fourth day) Wednesday 100

      Πέμπτη (Fifth day) Thursday 100

      Παρασκευή ("Preparation") Friday 100

      Σάββατο ("Sabbath") Saturday 250

      Κυριακή (Lord's day) Sunday 270


      Holy cats! I came by the congratulate you because it's not everyday somone gets a 25. But, I just now noticed your language levels and it kinda looks like most days you might! ^_~) I don't know why I've never noticed before but daaaang Jaye!


      Thank you. Don't ask how many years it took, please. ;)


      I'll re-gild En from Tr, this reverse tree greeted me quite colourful when I switched to it, but I have to admit that gold better fits the season. Even if it has an orange tinge :)

      Monday: 100 :)

      Tuesday: 150 level 11 on this tree now :-)

      Wednesday: 120 :)

      Thursday: 100 :)

      Friday: 100 :)

      Saturday: 150 :)

      Sunday: 310 level 12 on this tree now :-)


      What season is it there, bookworm?


      Usually this would demand a GOT reference like "Der Winter ist gekommen", but it's too early for me. Kar yağdı. Loads of that white stuff everywhere. So I assume it is winter, although according to the meteorological calender it is still autumn ;)


      In the name of Science and Language, I see your demand and raise you one Aegon the Fluffy!
      Meanwhile, behind the curtain...

      For more of King Agon the Fluffy, click. (The ability to link to a specific Youtube video seems to be disabled at the moment. So, you'll have to search "Game of Thrones Bunny" once you get to Youtube. I recommend the version by the channel "Poke My Heart". it's shorter and the musical score is more pleasantly delivered, though not the same tune.)


      I get some strange real life looks here. Not a good idea to look behind the scences while being in a full train :-) That bunny will have eaten its throne faster than it was build! Well, I am NOT rolling on the floor laughing. Albeit I am very close to do so :-)
      I'll watch the video later...


      Sometimes I am too blind to see! How did you manage to get a carrot coloured avatar ring, bunny? ;)


      How did you manage to get a carrot coloured avatar ring, bunny? ;)

      Borrowed it from a chair.


      Is it just me or is the video link not working? I need more Aegon the Fluffy :)


      The video is working. But, the link isn't working. Neither are any of the other links to Youtube I've tried using as alternatives :( So, I've updated the comment with instructions on how to find more Aegon the Fluffy. :)


      Thank you! That brightens my day :) And I just levelled up on that tree, now 11!


      OK, here I am at last. :) My goal looks pretty wimpy compared to some people's sometimes, I'm going for 20 XP in French a day. Due to being busy and other DL responsibilities, my tree looks rather sad. Which is ok for most of it because I'm well beyond much of the material, but I need to review some of the later skills. And I'm also making sure Usagi does that Polish Basics 1 skill. :p

      Lundi: Done! 20 so far. I may or may not get more later today, we'll see.

      Mardi: 20!

      Mercredi: Done! Trying doing it before coffee again. Mostly went pretty well, but trying to understand French tipping practices before coffee is impossible pour moi.

      Jeudi: I am not awake. I keep getting Polish in my French (or my English). I was given a sentence starting with "Les chapeaux de femmes" and came up with "The hats kobiet..." It took forever to come up with "The womens' hats"! But, despite the brain freeze, I've got my 20 XP and finished strengthening the Economics skill. Tomorrow, on to Sports. I don't think I'm ready to try tackling Past Subjunctive before coffee yet!

      Vendredi: Done! I'm able to do a bit more today, so I'll finish Sports. After that, Spiritual; I decided to start at the end and move backwards, so that will finish out the last row.

      Samedi: Done! 30 xp. I nearly didn't get around to it, but I did! Finished Spiritual, so I'll start on the second-last row tomorrow.

      Dimanche: 20 xp. Too tired for the more complicate sentences in Transportation, so I did a quick Timed Practice on Present 1. Definitely up for another week. :)

      Week 2

      Lundi : Done! 51% fluent in French now. :p

      Mardi : Done! Will finish Transport tomorrow, unless I find myself with time later today. I also did some translating yesterday over at Translatihan. Translating literature into French is hard!

      Mercredi : I knew I was going to miss a day eventually... I was distracted. :) But hey, I still did plenty of language stuff! :)

      Jeudi : Done! 20XP, finished Transport. Next is Past Subjunctive... Wish me luck!

      Vendredi : 20XP, finished Past Subjunctive. It still makes me shudder. I know which forms to use for which person (ie. vous ayez, vous soyez, j'aie, je sois...) and have no trouble understanding any of these sentences, but half of them I still don't really get why they use subjunctive. At least I have the comfort of knowing I'm not alone in that! I am firmly convinced that subjunctive is the advanced French learner's worst nightmare! Tomorrow I'll start on Science; it's five lessons long so I'll probably finish it Sunday, but it'll probably be my last skill of this challenge.

      Samedi : Done! 20XP. Must be sleepy the stupid mistakes I kept making... I wrote a past tense translation of a sentence I knew perfectly well was in present. And then did it again when I next got the sentence!

      Dimanche :


      We each have different amounts of time and energy to give to things. So, even a seemingly small goal can still be a significant effort. Still, it can be hard to stand in front of peers and set a goal that seems smaller compared to theirs. But, you did anyway. For that reason you are this month's first recipient of the brave bunny award. (Yup, it's a thing.)


      I'll keep my Swedish tree gold and do some timed practice everytime something gets coloured again (timed practice is still a bit hard in the last few skills).
      I'm also going though the French from English tree at the moment and unlike the one from German put words into Anki if I don't know them, but I don't know if I'll count it for the challenge it's still easy but that will change later when there are more tenses (I haaate the subjonctive!) I just wanted to go through it again from a different base language and work with the tips and notes before I do a reverse tree (actually, I don't know if I want to do it; French annoys me, but I had to stumble through a phone call by my aunt a few weeks ago and while I understood her I had problems replying, so it's more of a feeling that I have to do it because I'm part French and actually have dual citizenship.)

      tl;dr. I'll do 70 to 100 XP (70 only if I used Anki to either make new cards or practise old ones).

      Week 1

      ✔️ Montag: 77 XP (all Swedish timed practice + some Anki practice)
      ✔️ Dienstag: 116 XP (6 in Swedish timed practice... yes I know; the rest French)
      ❌ Mittwoch: 15 XP (Swedish timed practice and a stressful day)
      ✔️ Donnerstag: 134 XP (Level 22 in Swedish! 74 XP Swedish timed practice, 60 XP French)
      ❌ Freitag: 20 XP (Swedish timed; this week wasn't my best...)
      ✔️ Samstag: 70 XP (French and some Anki)
      ❌ Sonntag: 18 XP (Swedish timed again)

      I'm lowering my goal to 50 XP a day for the second week and will try to practice with Anki as well.

      Week 2

      ❌ Montag: 10 XP (Swedish non-timed on the app on the go and Anki)
      ✔️ Dienstag: 60 XP (that's better! All doing Swedish.)
      ✔️ Mittwoch: 57 XP (Swedish timed practice)
      ✔️ Donnerstag: 50 XP (French)
      ✔️ Freitag: 56 XP (40 French, 16 Swedish + Anki)
      ✔️ Samstag: 95 XP (15 Swedish, 80 French + Anki)
      ✔️ Sonntag: 70 XP (French)


      Ah, I'm late! Oh well. Starting today (Monday night), 50 xp Japanese.

      Monday: 60 xp

      Tuesday: 50 xp

      Wednesday: 50xp Finished Direction 1 skill!

      Thursday: 58 xp

      Friday: 50xp




      WB NeonMoogle!

      Ah, I'm late! Oh well.

      Exactly! The good thing about this challenge is that people who show up in the middle of it can start in the middle of it. I'm glad you already know that. ^_^


      I was going to finish my Russian tree this time around. But now that we're finally here, I've actually finished it already - today in fact. Golden and all. I'll be dropping in on the Russian course daily to see if any repetition is due, but apart from that, I'll be doing French. Haven't touched that tree in months, so I started out today repeating les hommes et les femmes for some quick xp... I'm going for 100 xp per day in total.

      Mardi: 103 xp (23 in Russian, 80 in French)
      Mercredi: 100 xp (30 in Russian, 70 in French)
      Jeudi: 100 xp (10 in Russian, 90 in French)
      Vendredi: 100 xp (20 in Russian, 80 in French)
      Samedi: 105 xp (20 in Russian, 85 in French)
      Dimanche: 100 xp (20 in Russian, 80 in French)
      Lundi: 100 xp (10 in Russian, 90 in French)

      One week into the challenge, I have regilded 27 of 81 skills in the French tree. The Russian tree has been all gold at the end of each day (with practice as needed).

      WEEK TWO

      Mardi: 105 xp (20 in Russian, 85 in French)
      Mercredi: 100 xp (10 in Russian, 90 in French)
      Jeudi: 120 xp (20 in Russian, 100 i French) lost count today :-)
      Vendredi: 100 xp (10 in Russian, 90 in French)
      Samedi: 100 xp (30 in Russian, 70 in French)
      Dimanche: 100 xp (50 in Russian, 50 in French)
      Lundi: 105 xp (30 in Russian, 75 in French

      At the end of week 2, I have regilded 43 of 81 skills in French. The Russian tree is still all golden.


      maria.nils, congrats on getting your Golden Owl! :D


      Thanks! :-D

      I started on the course when it was released, which must be almost two years ago now, so it really feels like an achievement.


      If you started on the same day this challenge was posted, you've got one more day left for this week's challenge. I'm almost certain I'll be tagging along next week, thought with very low goals for Japanese because I'll still be gilding my early Spanish skills as well as running an American Sign language challenge.

      Good luck meeting your final day's goal for the week!



      Can anyone help me find the photographer?

      The watermark on the sunflower bunny photo reads © C. -B. Hennrich


      Arachnje, thank you for seeing that!


      Small update on my goal. I'm adding some Spanish in there too. After the incident two weeks ago, I think I'll start refreshing early instead of waiting until January. I'm really rusty. So, I'm gonna start at the bottom and work my way up. Since the bottom skills are pretty easy, it shouldn't drag on my other goals too badly until I get further up. :P


      It's a few days into the second week, how's everyone holding up?

      I went to a holiday party at my friend's work. I asked how many languages there were in the room with us and he named five. Another participant mentioned that the GM also spoke French so that made 6. (I really love asking that question, btw. It's interesting on its own, and it can also get some interesting conversation about languages going.) Spanish was among the languages, so, I got to use a little bit of that. I totally failed on the word "regalo". So, just FYI, the word "gift" in Spanish is "regalo"!

      Among topics I DID manage to navigate with some success was locating a pen after the one we were using for the box memory game fell into the box, never to be seen again. Alguien tiene una pluma?"... Si, la pluma se cayo en la caja." " Anyone have a pen...Yes the pen fell into the box. And asking after the availability of the bathrooms. After I accidentally got shrimp on my hands (I'm allergic), I found a group of people conversing in Spanish outside of the bathroom. "El bano, esta ocupado?"... "Los dos?" ... "Gracias, gracias!" Is the bathroom occupied?...Both of them?...Thank you, thank you. I'm glad I didn't try to say "shrimp" because, i couldn't quite recall it. I thought it might be "marcon" or "marcona". But, I just looked it up and it turns out to be "camaron". :P


      I'm right in the middle of exams and full of motivation, so everything is going well. So far I had written exams in Russian and French grammar, which both went very well, and an oral exam in French, which went less than perfectly... (didn't fail, but it was a close shave). Coming up are Russian translation tomorrow and French phonology and phonetics on Monday. Since I started the challenge on Tuesday, it turns out that I'm done with the exams and the challenge on the same day.


      Good luck with the exams!


      Thanks! Today's exam went fairly well, only one to go now...


      maria.nils, so many language exams! May I ask what program?


      I'm actually in the Nordic program, so I also had an exam in Nordic Literature and one in Norwegian grammar (I'm Norwegian and living in Norway). However, I'm considering applying for the Teacher program next year (the variant where you have the academic qualifications already and just study paedagogics). I'd like to be qualified in Norwegian and French by summer, which is why I'm binging courses at the moment. Russian is just for fun... In my Nordic studies, I'm specializing in Norwegian as a foreign language, so I've applied for a course next term which is called "Norwegian grammar in a typological perspective" or something like that, and which compares Norwegian grammar to some of the most common immigrant languages in Norway, like Turkish, Vietnamese and Somali. So for the next Bunny Challenge, I'll probably be doing Vietnamese.

      Concerning the teaching, though: I'll probably nail the formal qualifications by summer, but my main problem with French is that I find it very dificult to speak (hence the lousy grade on the oral exam). So that has been a big priority the last six months and will continue to be so.


      Wow, that is so awesomely language nerdy! :D


      Thanks, best compliment ever! :-D


      Yesterday was my first missed day so far. I got distracted with other Duo stuff. But, a good chunk of that stuff was language related, so I wasn't entirely practice-less. :) Other than yesterday, I'm pretty happy with how it's going. Once I've done today's (yes, I'm just going to do that when I finish writing this comment), I'll have regilded four skills at the end of the tree plus a couple in the middle, which were pretty terrible looking when I started. And I'm getting my French practice reminders again, always telling me to try for Level 26, to my great amusement. :D

      Asking questions about languages is always fun. :) I try not to do it every time, for the sake of everyone who isn't as fanatical about them as I am... But the subject always seems to come up eventually! :D

      You have now inspired me to look up other words for "shrimp". It is, apparently, "une crevette" in French. Interestingly, similar to Polish "krewetka". Now I wonder what German is...


      You have now inspired me to look up other words for "shrimp". It is, apparently, "une crevette" in French. Interestingly, similar to Polish "krewetka". Now I wonder what German is...

      "Shrimp" is "eine Garnele" in German. Though "crevette" and "krewtka" sounds similar to "eine Krabbe" which I also heard used. I personally think of actual crabs when hearing "Krabbe", but then again I'm from the South of Germany far from the sea and I don't even like seafood. ;)


      Interesting. I rather expected it to be similar to either English or Polish (Polish also has a lot of words of German origin). I think it's time for some etymology research (yay I love etymologies!). :) "eine Krabbe" sounds much more like "krab", which, surprise surprise, means "crab", and I've never heard it to mean anything else.


      Now that I reduced my goal to 50 XP I actually reach it and can get myself to spend 10 more minutes on it, even if my day was stressful, I even spared those minutes at 11 pm yesterday. So I'm happy with that. Apart from that small French conversation with Trofaste up thread, I didn't practice anything outside of Duo and Anki though.

      Asking about the languages of the room sounds interesting. I never asked that, but it comes up sometimes.


      Just finished up week two AND levelled up. Go, me!

      Thanks for the challenge. Without I’d still be slowly crawling my way through the desert of level 23. This week when I realized just how close I was to level 24, I started doubling my daily XP.

      Nice way to finish off the two weeks.


      Way to go CindyFahrb! That Level 24 Spanish badge looks great up there! :D


      What if we aren't using a Windows computer?


      As far as I know, participants have used a variety of platforms to participate in previous challenges over the years. If you state a specific concern, it'll help us locate a solution to perceived barriers to participation. ^_^


      It says that on a Windows computer you can press Ctrl + F, but I use a Linux desktop. Do you know how would I be able to get it on my computer? Thanks in advance!


      I'm not familiar with Linux. But, I did a search and got this page: https://www.lifewire.com/what-to-know-less-command-4051972.

      I think the relevant portion was:

      Searching For A Pattern
      You can search for text within the output using the forward slash key followed by the text you wish to search or a regular expression.

      For example /"hello world" will find "hello world".

      If you want to search back up the file you have to replace the forward slash with a question mark.

      For example ?"hello world" will find "hello world" previously output to the screen.


      Ctrl+F will work just fine as well.


      I shouldn't be able to earn XP on weekends; can I make up for it on the days I'm active?


      Sure, just put an X on the days you didn't meet your goal (Stay away from X and circle cross out emoji though. For some reason, they delete everything that comes after them once you save the change. Best just to use a double tilde on either side or a plain text X). Then, report double the XP for the next day. (Also, this challenge is super customizable for individual participants. It's not a competition. It's about you setting reachable goals that motivate you. So, do whatever suits you best. ^_^)


      Several of us are heading towards the end of day two of the challenge. How are you doing on your goal for the day?

      I think I met mine. I forgot to mark my starting total XP in Japanese today and I worked on more than one course. So, I currently have 133XP. I'm pretty sure that at least 40 of that was for Japanese. The rest is from my new goal of starting the Spanish tree again from the beginning and regilding it.



      I'm only just getting home from work (10:40pm here) so I'll be finishing up day 2 here shortly. From the club leaderboard it looks like you might have done somewhere around 90xp in Japanese today (it says you have 130 for the week and yesterday I believe you ended with 40? I'm not a 100% on that). Also, I'll take this opportunity to say a simple thank you for creating the club; it's helped so much with my overall motivation and I'm very happy to be a part of it ^_^


      Just finished my day two. I'm working (slowly) on the Economics skill right at the end of the tree. I'm encountering some sentences I don't remember seeing before, which is nice. :)

      I started before coffee, and a few sentences in, after I'd already typed "payed" when I wanted "paid", answered a question with "Where is my carte de crédit", and made innumerable typos, I decided that doing this before coffee was a bad idea. But on further (post-coffee) reflection, I'm starting to think that doing my language practice before I have coffee might actually be beneficial (note that I said practice, not learning new things, I usually want full brain power available for something new). What do you guys think, do you think there are potential benefits of practicing before my morning coffee rather than after?


      Trofaste, :thinking face: No idea, outside of benefits if it motivates you and drawbacks if it impedes motivation?


      I was thinking more along the lines of needing to think more but still getting the right answer being more effective in placing things in longterm memory (if I'm remembering right), so the added difficulty in the short term being beneficial in the long run. Not to mention that confidence that if you can do it right before coffee, you can surely do it in front of a native speaker no matter how your knees are shaking. :)


      ooh, good point Trofaste!


      I've sort of borrowed your idea for challenges without rewards. I hope that's OK. Is it? Sorry for not asking you earlier!


      There are many different ways to inspire motivation, some with rewards and some without. Short story competition, poetry challenges, book clubs, XP races, XP endurance challenges, fastest to complete a course in a language one has never learned, etc. I've participated in or observed many of them. Some were really cool and can really help inspire people to continue with their language studies. So, so long as you aren't just making a clone of this challenge, I don't mind. If you are essentially cloning it, I prefer that you not. ^_^


      I started doing lessons again yesterday after a long long time... ES


      I erased most of my message by accident and it takes a while for Duo to display it properly now. I'll come back to check...

      Original post:
      I started doing lessons again yesterday after a long long time... ES from FR (laddering is hard!) So I thought I'd join while I'm ahead! :D I don't think I'll have time during the weekend, so I'll try to reach the goal before then.

      Week 2
      lundi: 130/100
      mardi: 100/100
      mercredi: 113/100 - Updated: 143/100
      jeudi: 100/100
      vendredi: 79/100
      samedi: 20/100
      dimanche: 132/100 Total: 704/700. I cheated with the last 40 XP as I did Fr from EN :D

      (Days in French because I don't remember them in Spanish, and either language counts in laddering! :)


      Laddering? Awesome! I'm hoping that we'll get an ES/JP laddering opportunity.

      I took a break from studying here for about a year. I stayed to moderate. I felt excited when I went back to moderating.

      As for your goal, just don't make one so challenging that it enspires one giant effort and after intimidates you from challenging yourself in the future. The bunny challenge is highly customizable. :)

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