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  5. "我喜欢吃这个猪肉饭。"


Translation:I like to eat this pork rice.

December 4, 2017



"I like to eat this pork dish" is marked as wrong, in my understanding only 米饭 implies there IS definitely rice, whereas with 饭 alone "dish/meal" should be acceptable, just like in 我吃饭 meaning one eats, but not necessarily rice.


My Chinese family refer to practically every meal as 饭, whether or not there is rice present, so to me 饭 does not mean rice, but a meal or dish, as you say.


I agree with this. Translating it as "rice" is too literal and misses the colloquial meaning.


I agree. One would rarely say "pork rice" in English; but "pork dish" is quite reasonable and idiomatic. 饭 fàn literally means "rice", but can mean food, dish or meal; zǎofàn 'breakfast', wǔfàn 'lunch', wǎnfàn 'dinner', Zhōngguó fàn 'Chinese food, Chinese cuisine'. (Rice is very important in Chinese cuisine, so words for 'rice' may also mean food in general. The common Chinese term for rice in general is 米饭 mǐfàn.)


饭 can mean either Rice or Meal depending on the context. Most of the time, if there is a Noun in front the 饭 will mean Rice and if there is a Verb in front, it can mean Rice/Meal.

E.g. for the first case: 猪肉 (Pork) 饭 (Rice). Another example of when 饭 is Rice is 鸡 (Chicken) 饭 (Rice), and 菜 (Vegetable) 饭 (Rice). Pork, Chicken and Vegetables are all nouns.

E.g. for the second case: 吃 (Eat) 饭 (Rice/Meal). Eating is a Verb, so in this case, it can either mean Rice or Meal.


That is very helpful, thank you!


9 months later and it's still not accept as correct. Is there actually anyone reviewing the reports or is this whole site just one big bot?


I was about to type the exact same comment.


One big bot.


They care more about non Asian languages and unnecessary made up languages like Klingon hahaha


The correct answer, "pork with rice dish" sounds really awkward.


"I like to eat this pork and rice" is also correct, but it's marked as wrong here.


I actually avoided using the word rice: "I like to eat this pork dish", but it was also not accepted. The "correct" answer it gave was "I like to eat this pork rice"...


I agree with you. In normal English, you would always omit the "rice", so one of the best translations should be "I like to eat this pork dish".


because if there is an "and" the question would have had the word 和


What the hell is pork rice


"pork with rice dish" sounds like what an extraterrestrial would say if it's trying to imitate humans.. i don't agree


"I like to eat this pork meal" was not accepted. Why?


Still no-one has fixed the fact that they won't accept the better translation “... pork dish”. 饭 does not always mean rice.


I wrote, "enjoy eating" instead of "like to eat"... Does this have a major error?


No, both are correct. Suggest it be added as a correct answer next time.


"enjoy eating" should be an acceptable translation. Duolingo has, in the past, suggested "enjoy" to me as a translation of 喜欢 xǐhuān.


The translation "I like to eat this pork dish" should be accepted, because 饭 (fan) can be a general term for food, dish, meal; e.g zaofan 'breakfast', wufan 'lunch', wanfan 'dinner'. Also, "pork dish" sounds more intuitive and more natural than "pork rice" or "pork with rice dish/meal"; these last two expressions sound too specific, and in the case of "pork rice", awkward.


I agree with the posts to date. The translation above should be "I like to eat this pork dish (with rice)." Not pork with rice dish, but pork dish with rice.


I did "I like to eat this pork dish", shouldn't that be correct?


'I like to eat this pork dish with rice' would be the correct way to say that in English, if you really feel a need to include the rice. 'pork and rice dish' would be another option.


Is it even grammatically correct?


That's what I said


In America would one call this Pork Fried Rice? Or would you have to say, 猪肉炒饭?


猪肉饭 means pork, normally with a side of white rice. Pork fried rice should be 猪肉炒饭。


Dear Duolingo, pls. react and correct your ENG version(s) according above comments, thus improving our level of enthusiasm and decreasing frustration of future users. Thx, VA


I loke to eat this pork dish with rice is correct and should be accepted


This is incorrect English. Remove "dish"


"I like to eat this pork dish with rice" sounds natural in English to me, but it was marked wrong. Shouldn't it be accepted?


It sounds natural but has a different meaning. It implies that you're eating a certain pork dish that doesn't necessarily come with rice and that it's your personal preference to have rice with it.


Pork dish is accepted now, 24-04-19


The English translation should sound like good English!!!


This is a dumb sentence. Sorry but, it is. If you like a specific meal, its implied that the thing you like is eating it. Perhaps the aim is to teacg something specific with this wonky sentence, but I'm bot seeing it.

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