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Suggestion for DuoLingo

I make A LOT of mistakes on DuoLingo, many of which have to do with the language ex. using the wrong tense or forgetting to pluralize adjectives and articles, but a lot of them don't have to do with a failure to understand the language for example; sometimes I make typos on DuoLingo, and they still count it as wrong(despite the typo checker they have), or sometimes I forget to put "el" or "la" in my translation if it is something small like "The Boyfriend" I would Write "Boyfriend".

1 time thought a word(in english) was "Skirt", but it ended up that it was "Shirt", or I'll forget a word, I was asked translate "February, March, and April" in Spanish, and I forgot to put the word for "And" in my answer. Sometimes, when they ask you to listen to something in your target language, and then spell it in your target language, I accidentally type a word in English or even the whole sentence(I know how to spell it, but I suppose this one is more of a big deal).

I noticed TinyCards had a feature "Press R if you were right" so what if DuoLingo were to implement this or some other feature, I mean, to be fair I could double check, but if I use timed practice I'm in a hurry and I think feature like that would be more useful in timed. What do you guys think?

December 4, 2017



In my personal opinion if anything it should be more strict, I want to be able to write correctly as well, like when I fail to use accent marks or if I make any other grammar mistakes when doing the lessons DL should always be there like a very tough and strict teacher and that in the long run it will help me to improve in these areas and I like it.....tough love works!...bonne chance!


I agree about accents because it can change a word, si with or without an accented I or el with or without an accented e in Spanish. I'm not talking about grammar errors though those are very important. I will often times forget to write a word when I write something such as, an essay, or this discussion, but I still know English, these are the errors I'm talking about. In my native language I just notice them when I read it back to myself.


Sorry, I don't understand. You want to press r when you're right, yet your examples are all instances when you're incorrect and shouldn't be pressing r if that option was available. This doesn't make sense to me.


i guess the feature they want is a "Ehhh i was close enough just give it to me" button


I don't consider it incorrect if I hear for the example "El gato bebe leche" and I know how to spell "leche" but I accidentally type "milk" instead It isn't a failure to understand for be able to spell the Spanish word for milk. Or forgetting to put the word "the" in, I know the gender, and the spelling, it just slipped my mind to type it. The same happens to me when I write in my native language.


How is the software supposed to tell the difference between someone typing "milk" while forgetting the word "leche" for a moment and someone typing "milk" while not knowing the word "leche" at all?


That's the point. if they misread the question, and it's asking you to translate skirt but you translated shirt instead, or if you made an english typo that changed the word, they should be able to tell duo that they didn't make a mistake so their word weakness doesn't go down for that word


Then I just wouldn't press the button and let it stay wrong


I am of the opposite opinion. I think Dl is too lenient. At times they have given me credit with a mere notification of a misspelling when I have intended to spell the wrong word. In Spanish, accents are important in the use of the language. I think we should be forced to get it right. It is all a matter of purpose, I suppose. Is the game or the XP's the ultimate purpose, or are we trying to become proficient in a language? I would prefer DL held us to higher standards so as to push us to greater excellence.


Maybe Duo could implement two levels of language learning, careful and considerate or quick and sloppy, and you could choose which level best suited your goals and your personality. Do you think that would help with your language learning?


I like that idea a lot :) I would probably do 3 levels, or have a few on and off settings.


I think what we really need so that people don't just press r for everything, is a "do you want to check that over again?" page that pops up in between when you submit your answer and when it corrects you.

i realize this makes approximately zero sense, so heres an example

I'm doing an exercise and am asked to translate: Die Katzen fressen. -> The cats eat.

Instead, I say "Cats eat" because i didn't see the article (die, in this case).

Instead of just marking me as wrong, after I hit enter/check my sentence, another thing pops up along the bottom that says "Hmm, I think you missed something. Check it over again!", and if you still think your answer is right, you can hit enter again/check my sentence, and then it'll go to the regular red/wrong page.

Perhaps there could also be a hint box where you could pay 5+ lingots to hint to the correct answer.

Obviously, there should be an obvious way to disable this feature that doesn't involve having to go into your settings, perhaps just a simple switch on the right side of your home tab.


Actually, Duo has its own method. It will mark it as wrong but you will definitely get that sentence again towards the end of the exercise. And you won't be able to move on until you get it right. Now if that's not motivation to do it right the next time around what is. I've had to repeat sentences where I kept making silly errors like typing "as" instead of "ask" now I know very well it was just carelessness but Duo needs to be precise.


Yes, and that's only in untimed practice. Timed practice doesn't repeat sentences that way.


The differences you have outlined are all errors. If a plural adjective is required and you used a singular the course would not be doing you any favors by accepting an incorrect answer. What do you have to gain? Yes, you could finish faster but if you want to learn you need to do it correctly otherwise you're shooting yourself in the foot. When learning a language you either do it correctly or you're not learning.

As for TinyCards remember it is not a teaching course.

What do I think? I think you need to take things a bit more slowly and get it right.


That was an example of mistakes that do involve a misunderstanding of the language, that was not an example an error I'm fine with making. I meant the errors afterwards like if I make a typo DL doesn't get like if I write "El npbio" when I meant to write "El novio". I'm sorry I wasn't clear, my first example was 1 I take seriously. I was just on tiny cards and I gave a word the wrong gender, it offered me to mark it as right, I didn't accept as the is an important part of the language. TinyCards though is probably better at teaching then DL because lately DL hasn't been teaching words so much as they just want you to know them where TC does tell you. I was just on tiny cards and gave a word the wrong gender, I was offered to count that as correct, I didn't accept because that is an important part of Spanish grammar, but if I say meant to type the right gender for "the" but I forgot to type it, I'd let it slide.


I don't know Spanish, but for French, if I had to translate "the girl", it would be "la fille". You need the "la" in order for the phrase to be considered correct. In your example with "the boyfriend", I assume it is the same case and you were correctly deemed as incorrect. However, sometimes I misspell a word and it counts me wrong, even though my mindset was in the right place. It's weird because even when I check my translation for errors, I still make mistakes. Though, it shouldn't impact you too much if you got a question or two wrong. It's still a bit annoying, I'll agree. ^ ^

Your idea reminds me of what Quizlet does if you simply misspell a word. I find it quite useful.

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