"Coffee ice cream"

Translation:커피 아이스크림

December 4, 2017

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I'm a little confused... is this what ice cream is called in Korean or is the point of this lesson to learn how to spell words with Hangeul?


Those are the Konglish words, i.e. import words from English. They are completely accepted, at the same level as the native Korean ones and the ones influenced by Chinese.

Enjoy them, they are easy to remember ;)


I think in this case, ice cream is just a loan word. Like 피자 "pizza" or 와인 "wine"

As far as I know, Konglish words are words that have English origins but aren't part of the English dictionary. Like 개그맨 "gagman" (comedian), 에어컨 "air-con" (air conditioner), 원피스 "one piece" (dress) or 포켓볼 "pocket ball" (billiards game)

Konglish is like a remake of English rather than a direct import


They call ice cream like this yes


North Koreans use a different word for ice cream, but I forgot what it was


NK names are 얼음과자, 얼음보숭이 and 에스키모 :) However, contrary to popular belief, 아이스크림 is also possible to hear in North Korea (although it seems to me that it was more popular in the 90's). Currently, the most popular word seems to be 에스키모.
I also heard term 까까오 once, although I cannot confirm it. Also, apparently word ice cream used to be written as 아이크림 in North Korea around 1950's.


it's better to learn south korean's language. XD


South Korea is obviously great and fascinating, but for me, it's the North Korean dialect which is much more interesting. Relatively unknown and overall harder to learn, but at the same time very unique and making progress in studying it is very satisfying.


Where do you learn it? I'm also interested in it because it has been affected less by English vocabulary and I like how they had to reinvent names for common technologies. But I found that some of the forums or websites that talk about NK dialect are actually written by SK natives.

So I don't know any reliable source


I didn't notice your answer until now so that's a rather late response, but anyways... Straight to the point, even though North Korean sources are hard to come by, many people have shared lots of useful materials on the Internet, so grab some links:

A collection of North Korean dialect textbooks, in different languages and from different time periods. I especially recommend the German one (Lehrbuch der Modernen Koreanischen Sprache) to anyone who knows German.

A bunch of dictionaries. Among them, SamHung (삼흥) 3.0 is the most useful. It's an electronic, North Korean multi-language dictionary from 2004. May not work on newer Windows systems.
There is a replacement, though. Just download all the files from the very bottom of following page:
and open them with DB Browser for SQLite

Here are two online North Korean dictionaries. The first one is the Great Dictionary of Korean Language (조선말대사전), the dictionary which defines stadard vocabulary of North Korea. The second one is an English-Korean dictionary.
Links: http://www.uriminzokkiri.com/index.php?ptype=ckodic

Finally, here are two HUGE collections of North Korean school textbooks and other books. As they are intended for use in North Korean schools by Koreans, they are not fit for beginners, but they can serve as excellent reference material.

Those are the basics which should get you started. Hope that's helpful. And yes, from my experience I can tell, thet South Korean sources on North Korean dialect are not always reliable. Overreliance on North Hamgyong dialect (which is NOT the standard dialect of North Korea) and South Korean stereotypes regarding Northern way of speaking are the two main negative factors.
Many of the above sources were made available by the owners of following webpage, so great kudos to them: https://digitalnk.com/


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Coffee ice cream sounds good right about now

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    Yaaaasss especially since it is summer and we are in quarantine :-(


    I actually want to know how to speak in korean and write down the words in korean.This doesnt help me that much i am just writing down the words in korean but i want to say them too.


    2019 July, they are adding more audio and pictures.


    My answer was exactly this without the space. Should this be deemed wrong?


    Yes, because those are not two separate words. "아이스크림" is just one word, in korean, which is why there is no space between the letters.


    My answer is right but you give me wrong

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      커피 아이스크림 ✌️


      What does (q) sound in korean


      I did it right but it said: "incorrect"?


      I like Duolingo it helps me alot

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