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Incubator Notifications?

Would it be possible to add notifications for when there is an Incubator update? I would find this helpful, personally.

December 4, 2017



Hi SaraK2004,

Each week, Jrikhal and/or Lindakanga gives a Weekly Incubator Update. You can find the latest one Here. At the bottom of their posts is an linked Index of all previous week's updates. If you click "follow discussion" on that Index post, you can check it each week on Sunday (Sunday in the US) for a link to the newest update. Also, if you prefer you can follow it in French Here. ^_^

Edited for clarity since reading calynca's comment. Hope that helps!


Unfortunately that's the same effort as scrolling through the incubator... I'd too love to have something like notification for new courses or upgrades to beta. Then I wouldn't have to check the boards every day to see if there's finally a Finnish course in the incubator... ;)


Are you sure you read my comment properly? I will edit it to boost clarity. Each week the WIU Index mentioned above collects all Incubator updates for the week and posts them in one place. No need to go to every course page in the Incubator to check. And, the timing is consistent so there's no guessing. :)


It might be useful if you're waiting for several courses to progress, but if you're waiting for one specific one, it's still annoying to look through it. Especially if you're waiting impatiently and feel like checking every day. ;)

I'd prefer a subscribe button on individual languages.


Ah! Ok. The misunderstanding was on my end then. ^_^


Thanks for the info. While the WIU is very helpful, I was thinking more like what calynca said-I agree that subscriptions to individual languages would be more helpful to users waiting for something specific. Thanks for your time.


I think that is an excellent idea!

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