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I Might Learn German As My 3rd Language

I'm thinking of learning German after Spanish. I know it's the most widely spoken mother tongue in Europe, plus my cousin is fluent in German as well as French but what are the other reasons? I guess what I'm asking is, are there any reasons to as why German is useful? And if not, what are your language recommendations? I don't care about the difficulty, it really depends on how useful the language is.

December 4, 2017



There is an enormous amount of movies, music, television shows, and literature in German — much available online but also through public libraries and the worldwide network of Goethe Institutes (which I used to build up a big collection of German movies and music). Learning German will open up virtually entirely an entire new cultural world to explore and you never run out of interesting material (or interesting people to meet .. there over 100 million speakers of German in the world).

One might also predict that following Brexit, German is going to become more prominent as a working EU language. It really is quite remarkable that until now, Germany has just let English and French become the main working languages of the EU when German is, in fact, the most spoken language in Europe.

On top of that, the German language is just plain cool. You don’t get words like “ausgezeichnet” in Spanish. :-)

Good luck!


Don't forget German speakers have an entire 5% of the internet, as well as many business opportunities.


Also....as an added bonus, you could do the “German from Spanish” course on Duolingo, and thus practice your Spanish while learning German.


Here is a cool reason for you to learn German. If you are crazy about getting everything structured, you'll like German. I know I do, have fun :-)


Go ahead and learn it! Good luck!

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