"You do not drink tea."


December 4, 2017

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It would be really helpful if these types had a button to listen to the completed sentence before pressing complete. Also I have no idea how to report ideas (such as this) that are not on the very limited report options. Any one know?


I just downloaded the app so it might be new but my report button just let's me type what I'd like to report. I asked for your suggestion in the report field because that's actually a really good idea


Thanks, I'm doing it on a laptop and there are no choices or typing in report. Only audio (or in some cases you can check a box for accuracy). But usually none of the boxes you can check apply to the problems so there is no way to report anything.


Why are hù chá given as single word? Is there a special meaning? Just like chī fán?


I think they want the user to slowly get accustomed to tonal shifts in pronouncing and hearing Chinese. Depending on which tone follows which, their tones are changed to make more fluid pronunciations. I still need to study the basic rules behind the tone changes. Common example is nǐ + hǎo changing to níhǎo.


Hé cha is written together so that you know what he is drinking. In real life you wouldn't right it that way, but instead of having you write in individually, they made it easier by putting the characters together.


Is it you (singular) or you (plural)? There is not anything in the context to see in English what is right or what is wrong


Plural in Chinese is formed by adding 'men', e.g. nîmen = you pl, rénmen = people.


I believe it's only you singular though I'm using this to practice after not studying for a long time.


I used two clicks for "drink tea". The app does not seem to like it. Is it an error??

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