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"What would you like to drink?"


December 4, 2017



Is 你想要喝什么? wrong, or weird?


This sentence is a more accurate translation for this question than the answer. The answer translates to "What drinks do you want?" in English.


What's wrong with 你们想喝什么?


Nothing. Report it.


That's what I usually heard people ask in China, so it must be correct


Better English here would be a more formal "Which beverage would you like?" More informally you would hear someone say "你想喝点儿什么呢?" --- What would you like to drink?

Then again, given the imprecision in Chinese - English / English - Chinese translation sometimes, who cares?


It's pretty unusual to hear anyone use the word 'beverage' in this context - even in a formal environment. My understanding of 'beverage' is that it's mainly a commercial term for any drink other than water.


I am struggling a bit with this translation, but it seems pretty clear to me that "What drink would you like?" is a better English equivalent. But yeah, "What would you like to drink?" is a much more common way to say it.


Wouldn't 'What drink would you like?' be an even more accurate translation?


The concept of “accurate” is not very helpful: nuances of meaning depend so much on context. In British English “What drink would you like?” might imply you were selecting from a limited list. “What would you like to drink?” is more open-ended about what might be possible.


Might it? I'd say 'Which drink would you like?' implies that situation even more (but in that case, that would be《你想喝哪个饮料?》). Besides, isn't it what the speaker would mean? If they were to ask a more open-ended question, wouldn't they just say《你想喝什么?》?


Is there a way to understand when one uses xiang, when one uses yao and when one uses xiangyao ?


Consider these two statements in English, maybe said to a waitperson at a restaurant: a) "I'll have the chicken" b) "I think I'll have the chicken".

On any given occasion you might say one or the other. If you actually think about it (like we are now), in hindsight you can explain the subtle difference and why you chose one over the other (something to do with your degree of certainty at the moment, or maybe you're just chronically on assertive).

But at the moment in which you (hypothetically) said one or the other of those things, odds are you weren't giving it any thought-- that's just what came out.

I think the difference between "xiang yào" and just "yào" in this exercise is essentially comparable to the difference between "I'll have" and "I think I'll have" (or "I want" vs. "I think I want") -- it exists, but is subtle, subjective, and highly situational, and no rule can tell you when to use which. Just experience.


I meant "unassertive", not "on assertive". &$#?! auto correct...! :-)


https://forum.duolingo.com/comment/25410436 "你想要什么饮料?" in the question above is translated to "what would you like to drink" (perhaps odd), but this exact answer is rejected in this particular question.

This... seems unintuitive.


The question immediately before gave me "你想要什么饮料" and provided the words "What would you like to drink" as the correct response ... and the very next question asked me to translate "What would you like to drink" into Chinese and did not accept "你想要什么饮料". That's frustrating.


Can I say: "你想要饮什么”?


Why is 你想什么饮料 wrong though?


As I've read above, 想 must be followed by a verb.


饮 (yǐn) = to drink
料 (liào) = stuff/material
饮料 (yǐnliào) = drink/beverage

喝 (hē) = to drink
东西 (dōngxi) = east west = stuff


Surely this is "What drink (noun) do you want" not what do you want to drink (verb). He?


Why is "想要" used here? Can't I just use "想" only?


Would the word order 'yin liao shen me' also be right?


The English translation doesn't really match the Chinese. It really is "what drinks do you want". It doesn't actually say that "you" will actually be drinking them


Why does the answer require 想要? I feel like we've seen that before, but have never been taught how it's different from 想 or 要, and 想 seems appropriate here


你想要饮料什么? Is that okay?


Why is it not just 你 想 喝 什 么?

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