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  5. "우리들은 따로 가요."

"우리들은 따로 가요."

Translation:We go separately.

December 4, 2017



우리들? 우리 is already plural so what gives?


You're right.

According to National Institute of Korean Language, 우리 and 우리들 are all okay. The same meaning, and both words are plural. I mean, as you might know already, the plural form is not really considered in Korean.

In my opinion, however, 우리들 is redundancy. 우리 is better.


Could it ever be used for emphasis? Like 'every single one of us'?


Because people dont usually use 들 for a lot of things, it can be used to emphasize the fact that theres multiple people


Or contrast. There's an expression like that in Japanese. 我ら(我等)-- 我 gets translated as I but potentially means we. The next part seems to mean others, sometimes even other related things. Could 우리들 not mean us (equals) and the others?


My teacher told me that is bad writing because 우리 means "we" or "us." It is already plural, so I should not write 들with it.


Why is "Let us go separately," incorrect?


Because you would have to say 상추 somewhere... just joking.

Its because saying "let us" changes the meaning of the sentence, and makes it an imperative-> 우리는 따로 가자 is more like your sentence


haha! I had to read that first line twice to figure out what you were saying. Then I laughed.


Propositive, not imperative.


Exactly. In the library sentence the Let s was brought in, and it was established that this same tense can be used for the imperative and for Let s...yet this time it's wrong...


Why isn't 'let's go separately' correct?


"We all go separately" wasn't accepted. I figured maybe the plural meant not just "us two" but "all of us"? Is there any nuance here?


Yes, because we're in lockdown

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