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  5. "上星期下了雨。"


Translation:It rained last week.

December 4, 2017



Last week it rained


I wrote the same thing and then I got the answer 'It rained last week' I wanted to throw my keyboard out of the window lol.


You better order a whole container of keyboards now LOL


Same here. I reported it on 1/21/2018


21.3.2018, still not accepted :-/


I wanted to answer those questions about 了. Though I know how to use it, I still have difficulty to explain it. Yet I checked several grammar articles about it and all of them said this V 了 N pattern is no good unless it is followed by another clause. e.g. 上星期下了雨,感觉凉快多了。Thus Duo's sentence here is probably not a good reference.


Another environment where V了N is typically used (always assuming a situation that the situation calls for the use of 了 at all of course) is when the N is something more complicated than a bare noun – for example a time frame or an object with attributes. For example I agree that *昨天下了雨 is weird at best, but 昨天下了一場


It appears that "下了雨" is a "separable verb" or can at least behave like one (and unlike one) since "下" is also a standalone verb meaning "to go down" and "雨" can be the noun "rain". According to the grammar at "https://resources.allsetlearning.com/chinese/grammar/Separable_verb#Where_to_put_.E4.BA.86.2C_.E8.BF.87.2C_.E7.9D.80", "了" should be placed between the verb proper ("下") and the noun ("雨") in such cases.

This example might be thought of as "poured" ("下了") "rain" ("雨").

I don't see "下雨" on any list of separable verbs though; "下雪" (to snow) is shown as one at https://app.ninchanese.com/stage/grammar-lesson/103/97, however, so it seems reasonable to assume that "to rain" has the same property.


Can the person who downvoted explain why it is not a good answer? It seems pretty reasonable to me. (disclaimer: I am not a native speaker, just learning)


In this sentence 雨 isnt a noun, its the second half of the verb "to rain"


Why does the sentence not have a 个 after 上?


??????? Last week it rained . . . Any problem with that???????


Is it not possible to just put 了 at the end of the sentence? 上星期下雨了


Last week it rained...


Last week it rained..... Duolingo please allow this correct answer


Same words not correct???


"Le" used the "liao" sound in the wordbank - reported 01/26/2020

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