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Public profile page does not show all languages


it seems the profile page is quite inaccurate as it depends on the current language base we are learning other languages from.

Example: I speak french and am currently learning English, Spanish and German from that. When I switch to English to learn Chinese, then my public profile page does not show that I'm currently learning Chinese.

Could you improve it?

(When connected on our profile page, all languages are correctly displayed)

December 4, 2017



Level 1 languages do not show up on the forum, if that's your issue. Your profile shows all languages you're learning, however.


Your profile (https://www.duolingo.com/fabienwang) shows that you are learning: English Level 10, French Level 9, Spanish Level 4, German Level 4, Italian Level 1, Chinese Level 1

However, the flag icons when you post comments will not include a language unless it is at least Level 2. So when you post comments the flags for Italian and Chinese are not shown by your name.


Thank you both. That was it (Level 1 language)

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