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Utilizing 12.9’’ iPad Pro multitasking and Apple Pencil to learn Japanese!

This is great! With Genki I can do all the exercises (listening comprehension, write in japanese on the workbook with the apple pencil to do the exercises) and switch between Genki and Duolingo!



December 4, 2017



I have the same set up, but I"m using Notability and am not able to make it Snap split screen with Duolingo like you are with Genki I'm not able to do it with Numbers either.


Hi! I upgraded my notetakong app and bought GoodNotes 4. It’s amazing! I’ve been doing Brazilian Portuguese workbooks’ exercises with it. Actually the Duo app is not capable to be used in split screen multitasking mode for some odd reason so I have it open on Safari browser in the screenshot.


oh wow, thanks so much for explaining that! :) Now I can get it to work like that, AWESOME!!! I'm using Numbers to keep track of all my vocab and verbs. I'll see if I can get a screenshot to share with you. Cheers friend!


Hey I'm thinking of getting an iPad Pro for essentially this same purpose (plus other uses at work), do you think the multitasking with duolingo/goodnotes would work well on an 11" iPad?

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