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"They drink tea and chat at the same time."


December 4, 2017



他们一边喝茶一边聊天 should be an acceptable translation, the English "they" does not have a gender.


The course creators think only females are chatty. ;-)


What is wrong with 她们一边聊天,一边喝茶


I think it’s ok if you come from the English sentence. But be aware that usually the first action is interpreted as the background for the second one. So your sentence would correspond to English “They drink tea while chatting” while the model translation would be “They chat while drinking tea”. In this case there isn’t much difference but in context one order is often preferred over the other.


Nothing wrong with that.


wrong order, I guess


Nothing in the English sentence tells us it's 她们 instead of 他们,please change. Thank you.


They seem rather sexist throughout this course in the use of gender.


The wonky and awkward thing about this sentence is who doesn't chat as they drink tea with other people? Isn't that the entire point of tea? Why not just say, 'They would draw breath as they were working.'?


她们一边喝茶, 一边聊天。Still marked wrong for this? Didn't even add a space.


But there's a space after the comma in your comment, which is evident when I click and drag to highlight the characters (along with the space you added) one at a time.


No, when you type using the Chinese keyboard on macOS a space is automatically inserted after a comma. I did not add any extra spaces.


It's not about extra spaces, it's about any spaces.

I don't know what's wrong with your keyboard, or if it's user error, but I've never heard anyone else mention this supposed bug in MacOS. It shouldn't happen on any keyboard.

In Chinese the spacing is built into the punctuation; there shouldn't be a space added after it, by you or by your keyboard. In fact there should be no independent spaces at all, so don't hit the space bar at all after typing a comma. If your "keyboard" inserts a space anyway, then you'll have to delete the space in order to enter the correct Chinese.

Your sentence (which I've copied from your comment and pasted on the first line below) is followed by the correct sentence (Duolingo's, copied and pasted from the top of this page). Look at the spacing difference.

她们一边喝茶, 一边聊天。


Just a note, it is more similarly seen 聊天儿


The hover hints need work on this one


Why is 聊天儿 not correct?

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