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What Does This Mean?

During strengthen I came across the listening challenge. (Where it plays a sentence and you have to translate it.) However no audio would play. Confused, I clicked the speaker, and again no audio. Down at the bottom left I saw a button that read "Can't listen now." I clicked it, and it stated that my answer had been right. It said: "No listening exercises. They will be back in 1 hour. Meaning: I am the woman." What does this mean?

December 4, 2017



I first came upon this on the Android when there was a listening or a speaking and you could press "Can't listen now." or "Can't speak now" which is convenient when you're in a public or noisy place. Now it's been coming up on the web version. I've never found that there was no sound that seems to be a glitch. You may want to report it next time it happens.


It happens when I am offline, no sound when I clicked the speaker. Don't know if it is your case. You can test it. "No listening exercises. ..." means all listening challenges will not be given in 1 hour.

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Not sure what happened. Every now and then you will find a sentence where there is no audio. Not very often though. Or like me, sometimes I've turned off or muted the speakers on my computer.


There are some courses that have a good number of sentences without the audio. The beginning of the Swahili course has this issue.

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