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  5. "오늘 시험은 통과했습니다."

"오늘 시험은 통과했습니다."

Translation:I passed the exam today.

December 4, 2017



Why is it 은 and not 을?


I don't know exactly when this happens or why, but sometimes 는/은 is used as an object marker. One thing I noticed is it seems this happens sometimes when the object is being emphasized.


en can make a sentence to have a certain nuance. Using el, the listner may simply reply 'okay' but if saying it with emphasizing en, the listner may reply 'what do you mean EN?' - making them question what happened to tomorrow or yesterday's test - or if there's any other problem besides passing the test. It's different by the context.

[deactivated user]

    "i passed an exam today"


    Is there a difference between just "I" and "I will" in this context?


    했습니다 means this happened in the past. If you want it in the future it would be 오늘 시험은 동과할 거예요.


    오늘 試驗은 通過했습니다.

    • 試 - test; examination
    • 驗 - to test; to verify
    • 通 - to pass through; to go through; to connect
    • 過 - to cross; to go over
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