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professional life and french

i began learning french as just a fun activity but i was wondering are there any perks to it which could help me in my professional life?

December 4, 2017



I think that depends on a lot of things, like where you live and what you plan to do. For me I plan to leave the United States and move to France when I am done with university. I plan to become an interpreter/translator so it is vital to know the languages really well. Hence why I'm only focusing on French, German, Romanian and Japanese.


It depends on what your professional life consists of, but in general, it may give you a better image. Then, there is the general advantage of being multilingual. I don't know what your professional life is like or will be like, but I really only plan on using French to write French literature in the future. So, that has obvious perks. Though, one may question how that relates to my main career goal of becoming a neurosurgeon. I don't know. However, being able to communicate in multiple languages is often handy and you never know when it will be the most useful. ^ ^


Here is a link filled with some extra resources to help with immersion, learning and practicing the French language: http://languagesenrose.tumblr.com/Ultimate%20French%20Resources

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